Monday 30th November 1992

The collection of my GSP Pointer/Retriever Sam, now formally ‘Norfolk Wigeon’ from Lyng and his first day with me in the car and alone from his siblings in Horning Ken Legerwood, the decorator, arrived in the evening and spent until 10.30pm filling the walls, which disturbed the dog slightly

I had set my automatic radio to call me at 6.30am having had an early night and so I was well able to get up by first light. I saw a pair of cormorants glide along the dyke and land and what proved to be a mild, drizzly but increasingly windy day. I was out and waiting outside the building society in Wroxham when it opened at 9.00am and away five minutes later on my way to Lyng Eastlough. I found Barbara filing up her 4XD with diesel on arrival and we went in to first review the results of the Kennel Cub registration applications. The name "Broadland Teal" had not been accepted but I chose another "Norfolk Wigeon" which had and so was able to take possession of the transfer certificate and pedigree and to study them later for the first time.

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Sunday 29th November 1992

The family service at St James Church and then getting supplies and food for the new puppy and preparing his pen by the Heronshaw garage before the journey back to Norfolk.

More speculation about the future of the Chancellor who, apart from ruining the economy and having the debacle of devaluation etc, has also got into trouble for not paying his hotel bills and credit card accounts

I had a lay in and only noticed that Diana was up and getting the morning drinks when I had to get up for the toilet. Di brought the drinks up, locked the door and then we had some time together before going down for breakfast. In fact, we were so late that Daniel was able to join us to make a complete family meal for once. It was a month in which a fifth Sunday occurred and so we attended the family service at St James Church. The Rev Peter Lewis used his normal stock of visual aids and colourful words to tell the story of advent as it was Advent Sunday today. Daniel was thinking of joining us but was delayed at Jason's where he was getting some work done.

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Saturday 28th November 1992

Taking delivery of the Neaversons Fitzwilliam Dog Kennel as Di come round to the idea before out to A.J.'s for lunch and then a more social evening with Diana seeing a very funny nun comedy film called "Sister Act".

I was awake quite early as Diana brought me my morning drink. She was all right, though a bit frosty at first, and then agreed that I should go and get the dog kennel from Neaversons. I drove off and arrived early at 9.45am, Mr Neaverson himself being there to greet me and help me get the kennel loaded. He was an agreeable old fellow and kept chatting to me about his business experiences and the people that he had met so that a half hour job took an hour and a half. The kennel loaded very easily on to the Range Rover so that it was a doddle to drive back with it and then, it assembled so very easily, it took me and Daniel a very short period to get up.

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Friday 27th November 1992

Overnight rain returned later making for a soft and soggy Heronshaw as I planned the carpeting and then I dropped off to visiting the dog when going home. The girls are excited and delighted but Di was upset saying , "I hate dogs and now nobody wants to go to America anyway!"

It was another day of heat inside and cold out which made the process of dressing very difficult. The rain had poured down again overnight and, after a dry morning, started later and all this makes the ground very soft and soggy at Ropes Hill Dyke. I had listed a whole host of telephone calls to make and these took some time before I could do anything else. I arranged for the carpet man to come and measure up at last and he called later with a price of over £1000!  Progressed our furniture but there still remained problems to resolve about price and availability. I filled in by clearing up Heronshaw and Harnser whilst waiting for the return calls and then, in late morning, I finished loading up the car and set off to see the pooch on the way home.

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