December 1991

A month of variable weather, mild at times but also bitterly cold -8degC winter frost. Also of worry and family events with Della being runover and her headmaster Hugh Hunter dying whilst Debbie gave up Sundance and Daniel continued to have car crashes, but we were all together to enjoy Christmas. Mum was able to join Freda and Alf in Redgrave as well but the long term as uncertain there.

I still managed to work on the redevelopment plans for Heronshaw and make a visit to my Scottish estate at Broubster with Nigel, though sustaining a nose injury, and Bill helped me keep up The Hayling View garden and concrete the slipway winch foundation.

I was keen to have another change of lifestyle as my political colleagues are generating even more problems than I can solve but, with Michael Pope's going, I fear that I will have to work on a little while longer. My influence over the Little Paxton Parish Council was a highlight as we discussed the improvements for Paxton this year and next. For the Liberal Democrats, we had enjoyed a successful run publishing influential Focus newsletters to get such electoral success.

The month has seen some remarkable events in the world and, first amongst them, the last rites for the Soviet Union with Gorbechev going but all is left quite unstable by it. The news was all about the EEC negotiations at Maastrict, with the Major government being dragged into closer European unity with great reluctance on economic and foreign policy.

The IRA made life difficult for city commuters by first attacking shopping centres with incendiary bombs and then shutting down the London train and underground stations with bomb warnings. The UK banking system was under pressure and there was not much Christmas Spirit for the retailers who have had their takings down and the depression goes on to the discomfort of the Tory Government who are again behind in the opinion polls.

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