April 1984

A month of successful business accomplishments balanced with private life for I take the family on London Hotel and Great Ouse boat trips whilst also negotiating two competing deals for selling Comart as Thatcher exacts her spiteful revenge against her opponents ignoring The Rev Shepherd trying to preach peace and reconciliation in the Dimbleby lecture as we see the sad deaths of WPC Yvonne Fletcher and Tommy Cooper taking place in public

Boating on the Great OuseI started the month with a London hotel family holiday seeing the tourist sights and then enjoy an Easter of very pleasant day trips aboard The Lady before getting work done on her at Buckden Marina. Overall, I was  spending more time on her and the family as the month progressed. We also managed a couple of further day boat trips to Tempsford and St Neots in fine weather. I have found Diana’s long pregnancy and coughs and colds very wearing and have sought relief and distraction as a result but she eventually saw the doctor and made a partial recovery. I took some long walks alone and with the children and this, plus the time spent outside with my ducks, has been a blessing. Daniel was a great help generally and with building landing stages. I negotiated two potential deals for selling Comart and am still trying to remove the UEH Byte Shop option that is blocking the deal.