My 38th Birthday remembered ...

Ooops, I forgot to link this charming family video to my November 3rd 1984 entry. my 38th birthday spent with my family, friends and my late Mum and Dad. Skip the intro if you are impatient like me!

November 1984

A month with lots of time to spend with my family, plan house extension and manage my doves and ducks, but still a hectic round of computer industry meetings, interviews and representation as the economy and computer industry decline under a self-serving government of dogma and confrontation

And so ends the month. My doves are settled and causing great interest in their prominent position, but the ducks have yet to resume their lay, despite morning and evening feeding and much fuss. My wife and children are fine, and me more time to spend with them learning second year Kimbolton French and reception class Pictograms in the process! Arrangements for extending the kitchen are under way and The Lady high and dry in the boatyard having the refit of her life. My mother and sister are gradually recovering, but remain walking wounded and hopes recede of getting the family together in the same place and at the same time.

Friday 30th November 1984

Family day shopping and sharing lunch, as Microsoft takes exception to my blocking of their LAN and taxi driver David Wilkie is killed by blocks thrown by two miners

Up to the normal routine this morning - tea, paper, breakfast, doves, ducks and office! Pleased to find my computer keyboard repaired and returned outside my office by Comart, though they also left an offering of a broken fluorescent tube to replace as well. I made one or two calls to order some logs for our open fire and also to check with the local motor dealers to see how much we could expect for Diana’s 1981 metro. Answer, £2000 to other motorists, but perhaps only £1400 to a motor dealer. At 11.00am I collected Di and we went to St Neots shopping, parking in the atrocious Co-op car park – full of pit holes and muddy water. We filled a large trolley with weekly provisions. To Sketchley to drop off my brown suit to clean, to Eastern Electricity to buy a new fluorescent tube (4ft/30 watt), a food whisk and a new vacuum cleaner and be frustrated by the Board’s frightful paperwork, which keeps clients waiting every time. Off by car to The Little Chef for our lunch, the waiter recognising us and serving our normal waist preserver and prawn salad. Di recognises the supervisor too – it was his Ford Capri that she backed into a week ago! Home after and to the office.

Thursday 29th November 1984

Reformed Debbie is serving an early breakfast and getting good school reports from Little Paxton school whilst the doves thrive as courts restore NUM funds and unemployment remains above 3.2m and Tory backbenchers plan to rebel against student grant cuts

Debbie awakes early bringing Diana’s night’s sleep to a premature end. She comes in to see me with my morning tea and I let her draw on my notebook pages. After last evening’s trauma at the dinner table, I am anxious to settle her down again. Then Debbie laid the breakfast table, preparing the toast as well and called us all down to breakfast, far too early! Back afterwards to complete my paper and then to have a shower and shave before turning out at 9.30am for my dove and duck session. The large Blue is causing problems again and, hungry this morning, he starts walking over the roof with his Qualmond hen before I intervene with fresh seed and my 14ft fishing rod and they settle on the dovecote again. To the office and a large post of letters and journals. The morning reading the computer journals, which is quite an exercise. Lunch of soup, rolls and ham salad before Diana’s parents arrive to babysit for the afternoon. Me back to the office and two hours writing letters, settling bills and clearing my desk until just time to give the doves their afternoon seed before Diana arrives back and hurries me to Little Paxton School. We have a meeting with Debbie’s teacher to review her work and progress.