Saturday 31st August 1991

More time at home on another hot and sunny day catching up with chores and writing and pleased to have watered the lawn as there were no signs of the thunderstorms that were expected. I set up the croquet lawn after mowing it as it was recovering and we enjoyed a couple of games.

All but three of the Soviet states want their independence and fighting has continued in Yugoslavia with this country riven by the conflict between the Croats and the Serbs. I despair of these countries and fear worst the prospect of border disputes as Eastern Europe breaks up.

I spent the day at home and, after an early breakfast, went out to mow the games lawn with Della "helping". On this occasion, I mowed the lawn across its width repeatedly to try to help flatten it. This lawn had benefited from the watering I gave it the other day and had greened up considerably. It was just as well because the weather was hot and sunny again with no sign of the thunderstorms that we were supposed to be expecting. I set up the croquet lawn and had a couple of games today; one with Daniel and his friends this morning, and another this afternoon with the girls. I sat inside for the rest of the day as it was firstly too hot to do anything and secondly I am still finding it very difficult to get back into a desk-working routine.

This evening, I sat with Diana watching the first episode of a TV series and then transferred to my office to write up these last few days journal. More news of the break-up of the Soviet Union and now all but three of the Soviet states want their independence. Fighting has continued in Yugoslavia with this country riven by the conflict between the Croats and the Serbs. I despair of these countries and fear worst the prospect of border disputes as Eastern Europe breaks up.


Friday 30th August 1991

A working day trip to Norfolk with Bill and the family to dismantle the greenhouse there and bring it back on a trailer. We arrived around 9am after an early start and the day was very warm and the sun hot and so it was hard work for both of us.

The news is of more former Soviet Republics declaring their independence from the USSR and of John Major visiting George Bush at his US holiday home to compare notes on the developments in Eastern Europe

It was an early start as Di woke me with my morning tea at 6.00am to get ready to leave for 7.00am. Bill had arrived ten minutes early and I got him to feed the doves and backflush the filters while we got ready. We loaded up with tools and supplies and got going by the time we intended. There was still lots of traffic, despite it being early in the morning, with lorries being quite common on the route to the East Coast. I drove the entire distance without a refreshment stop and we arrived at Heronshaw just after 9.00am. Diana took Della into Wroxham to launder the sleeping bags after our summer holiday whilst Bill and I got down to work.

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Thursday 29th August 1991

Whilst the family were busy, with Di at weightwatchers, Debbie horse-riding, and Daniel playing with his car, I was having a quiet day watching the World Athletics Championships on TV and carried on with my press cuttings backlog whilst also continuing to water the Games Lawn.                                            

The family were busy today, but I took things quietly. Diana went to Wait-Watchers and was quite pleased with the result and then took Debbie horse-riding as Della stayed home with me. Di got the flowers for Dad and tended his grave to keep it nice. Daniel was fiddling with his car all day. He reckons his alternator is not working as well as it should but does not really have a clue what to do about it.

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Wednesday 28th August 1991

A welcome day at home, with a leisurely start laying in bed reading as Diana made her way to the doctors for an appointment and then getting some food shopping which was anxiously awaited with the family getting hungry!

Then deflecting a financial sales visit from Council colleague John Davidson before more croquet on the lawn and installing a pump to use wastewater to irrigate the drying Games Lawn during this warm and dry spell.  

I was particularly slow to get up this morning and laid in bed reading the many stories in an exciting book of historical shipwrecks, and then the daily newspaper. Down to breakfast and a short time in the conservatory before Diana made her way into St Neots for her appointment with the doctor. His view was that both Diana and I should be treated with a "Duo-pack" when next the trouble occurs in her as we are probably re-infecting each other! She also went shopping and was just back in time for lunch with the family getting hungry and desperate. I worked in my office for a while, clearing the mail and replying to telephone messages and then, after lunch, had a visit from council colleague John Davidson partially about local affairs but also, as it transpired, about trying to interest me in his financial agency. That is a polite way of saying he was trying to sell me life insurance. It is an American custom to sign up representatives and then get them to sell to friends and relatives and it is most disturbing and rather a cheek.

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