June 1985

This month marks the completion of two years of writing this diary and adjusting well to the outcome of selling Comart which was done at the right time now that the computer and electronics sector collapses in the UK. Also of moving on with my retirement and family priorities with Debbie and Della being lovely, Daniel overcoming his rebellious crisis to do well at exams and school work and me working towards retiring from my industry role to enjoy more property management and boating now that I am creating The Hayling View and enjoying a renovated boat. England suffers a European football ban and Thatcher ploughs on with more financial measures to cause divisiveness and hardship and lots of bombs and terrorist strikes rock the world but at home an IRA holiday bomb campaign is averted.

Thus ends the month of June and with it the second year of my journal. During this longer period I have completed my business career, realised a fortune, and settled well into my new life of leisure, family interests, investment management, and also retained an interest in the computer industry in which I had been involved all my working life. I am a regular speaker and participant in industry  events but I now plan my exit from that. I could not have organised it better, nor imagined that the transition should have been so much without problem. In more recent weeks, we have successfully completed the purchase of the neighbouring house, 7 Willow Close and obtained the necessary consents for its connection to our existing house, No 6. We have also negotiated the purchase of the riverside ground opposite the new house and, although we have yet to exchange contracts, we regard this as a formality and have already cleared the land of excess bushes and vegetation. Our health is good and the family well. I have nearly completed arrangements for the children’s inheritance, which gives the girls £125,000 each at 25 and Daniel the same, but also, via a discretionary trust, the custody for care of our family inheritance of the house, the forests and the rest of my estate. I am taking him up to Scotland next week to see the forestry plantation.