May 1991

I returned to Norfolk for a boating holiday in cool weather after great success fighting the most demanding and problematic election campaign I had fought, taking over St Neots Town Council and rising to share the task of leading the opposition to the Tories on Huntingdonshire District Council.

I managed a little family time but Di was unhappy with me spending most of my time elsewhere, opening up with opened up with a litany of relationship complaints. We enjoyed time in Norfolk towards the end of the month, cruising around the Norfolk Broads aboard The Paxton Princess.

The UK economy is dead in the water, with many losing their jobs as their companies fold and so many tales of hardship. US President Bush survived a heart attack and, in India, Rajiv Ghandi, leader of the Congress party was assassinated just like his mother, Indhira, had been. The Ethiopian civil war is a cause of international concern with the population facing starvation.

There were some good sunny days when I was too busy to enjoy them but the coolness returned later with days alternating between dull and sunny but mild and with no wind to speak of. Towards the end of the month the weather set to a cool pattern and we pitied the holiday-makers we met as the chilly weather continued.

This month was the reverse of last. It started with the election campaign and ended with a few days in Norfolk with Heronshaw and the Paxton Princess at last. The former was quite a campaign, being the most demanding and problematic that I had ever fought; with the problems not being finished with the close of poll. Even so, it resulted in a Polling Day Triumph as we had won a handsome landslide victory, with both Michael Pope and Derek Giles elected as Councillors and all nine of our St Neots Town Council candidates that stood giving us nominal control of St Neots Town Council.

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