August 1991

This was a holiday month for us and had been mostly sunny and fine throughout for a third year running, but water was in short supply and some wind delayed our sea trips as we travelled to York and back via Wells. We enjoyed a spledid time cruising to York on an epic voyage. As we saw Mum in Stanton, on our return, we heard from Fred and Marie that something would soon have to take place for Mum to be accommodated at Redgrave as she might not be able to manage alone much longer.

The LibDems won the Eaton Socon by-election with Ross McKay. I was struggling to adjust from boating to office work and we took a few day trips out to the local towns of St Neots, Bedford and Cambridge and to see the St Neots Carnival. With Di at weightwatchers, Debbie horse-riding, and Daniel playing with his car, I was having a quiet time watching the World Athletics Championships on TV. I set up the croquet lawn and the family and friends enjoyed many fine matches.

Elsewhere, there was the inevitability of war in Yugoslavia between the Croats and the Serbs, the dramatic splitting up of the USSR with more former Soviet Republics declared their independence and Gorbachev eventually deposed and the risk of a Yeltzin Russian dictatorship

The month had been mostly sunny and fine throughout and so, for a third year running, we have had fine and warm weather whilst the water levels drop in the reservoirs and aquafers. There was a brief period of overnight rain and some showery spells, but the month ended with more hot and sunny days even though strong winds were affecting our off-shore boating trips. In each of these years, we were on the boat and enjoying it and this one was no exception. We started the month with our cruise from Hull to York and had that nasty experience with the bridge-keeper at Selby where the toll bridge was closed on us, the hydraulic steering failed and the boat almost perished before we got back into control!

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