May 1990

May 1990 This was a very busy month indeed as I tried to keep working on gloriously hot and sunny days between some warm and stuffy nights with family hay fever being supplemented by bad coughs and colds. Diana was unhappy with our new public lifestyle and marriage but we still managed to get Debbie's 12th Birthday Celebrations organised although we were experiencing problems with her livery with Fiona in Offord after beating her Dad Roland Smith in the election!

This followed my success in organising the Local Government Elections, where Percy and Sally both won to give me two Liberal Democrat colleagues on the District Council and a place on each of the important committees of power. There were many council and private meetings to attend and organise thereafter. As gardener Pete had left me after many years, I had the lawns and beds to tend to, in addition to the conservatory plants, ponds and fish and swimming pool. On the first of two long trips to Norfolk, I was working on The Paxton Princess and taking the chance of being with sister Freda and her husband Alf and family who were staying in Heronshaw whilst we completed negotiations for the purchase of Redgrave Village Post Office and Stores. I took the whole family (except Alf) on a boat trip and a visit to see and help Mum in Stanton with her garden. Alarmingly, Alf regarded the Redgrave venture as being totally down to Freda and wanted to play no part in it.

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