July 1987

A rather cold and wet month and not the best for starting our boating holiday in The Norfolk Broads with The Lady and Little Lady but the holiday goes well and our family health is good and Debbie and Della are progressing through their education whilst Daniel is enjoying his new boat. The US and USSR are struggling to complete nuclear arms negotiations but are making progress whilst The Middle and Far East is alight with disputes and ethnic wars. At home Thatcher is planning repressive laws with her anti-union policies and The Poll Tax the latest of them whilst she continues to support South Africa, whose leader are besieged with anti-apartheid action and US President Ronald Reagan despite him being found out as approving the Iranian Arms for Contra aid deal as he now finds his warships and oil tankers trapped in the Straits of Hormuz. Flood and heat deaths affect southern Europe and I remain glad that we can avoid all these problems and I do not have to run a business for a living and am thus relieved to continue our pleasant and sustained leisure lifestyle

We thus end the month of July at Oulton Broad in our boats, having prepared them well with repairs and enhancements and brought them to the Norfolk Broads for a month. Our health is reasonably fine, although we have followed Daniella’s example in contracting colds and sore throats, but she was fit enough to enjoy her 3rd birthday and also managed to attend Playschool unaccompanied for the first time. Debbie has completed her last term at Little Paxton School by having some very satisfactory reports at our last parents’ evening and now starts at Kimbolton this autumn. She also took her ballet test and got a ‘commendation’ for her bronze medal and is enjoying her horse-riding. My parents are OK, and we enjoyed their visit to us, but I have yet to find out what the results of my father’s hospital tests for suspected stones,  At least they are pleased with the new roof I have bought them for their mobile home.