Wednesday 29th February 1984

Leap Year’s Day - Writing for the press and meeting with Comart and Byte Shop executives to bring together their energies as we look to land the DHSS Dentists Scheme

Up a little late with a headache after a particularly sound night’s sleep. Toast and fruit juice for breakfast and off  to the office to arrive just in time. I made a start to my ‘Computing Decisions’ article today at long last and got mostly up to date on general work before a morning meeting to bring together David Fear and Peter King to get the sales teams of Comart and The Byte Shop working better together. Several job offers for Glasgow salesmen etc and then a sandwich lunch before an afternoon meeting with Colin Weywell of BMDS to discuss schemes afoot for a DHSS Dentists system.

Tuesday 28th February 1984

Action on Comart Quality and Personnel concerns as public transport is disrupted over the GCHQ dispute and the Fleet Street Unions halt the presses to stop newspaper publishing

Up on time and to the office to cancel arrangements for the meeting with UKITO planned for later today. A credit control meeting to last most of the morning within which re-accepted my new strategies and policies on the subject and reviewed all difficult accounts to good effect. A sandwich lunch and following that meeting with Carlton Lowe and Peter King, principally on personnel subjects. Then to sign job offers and a range of correspondence before walking around the factory and checking up on things. Problems today on the packing front as my new quality ruling is difficult to implement without a £1000 write-off and considerable disruption.

Monday 27th February 1984

Good news for Comart Computer orders offset by other Industry set-backs as I work on with my cold on Comart and BMMG matters and the pro-GCHQ strikes still go-ahead tomorrow

Up early and time to bath before breakfast. I drop Daniel off at the bus stop this morning only to find later that his school term does not start until tomorrow! A morning writing up meeting minutes and notes, dictating correspondence, and reviewing the morning mail. Good news today is that public sector orders pour in and also that Anglia Regional Health Authority are spending over £100K urgently with us. Bad news is that we have failed to make the short list for the DHSS contract and that Den Willis of UKITO telephoned today to say that tomorrow’s talks are cancelled. We seek an early debriefing meeting on the first but the second is due to the large company’s fear that their interests will be overwhelmed by the small companies!

Sunday 26th February 1084

Day of reading and recovering from my cold and moving our bedroom for building works as American withdraws troops from Beirut and also of mounting support for Tuesday afternoon’s Public Sector strike in sympathy with the GCHQ unions

A good lay in this morning and rest after the recent efforts and exertions under my cold. Up to a fried breakfast of a double-yoked egg and then back to bed until 10.00. Then up, dressed and out to let out the ducks and clean out their hutch. I collected seven eggs today and we sold 1 dozen eggs to a passer-by. Another bitterly cold day which confined us all to home more or less as we suffered from our heavy colds. I called my father by telephone and heard that my mother is recovering very well from her hip operation but her thigh bone is cracked and will need six weeks to heal before she can exert her full weight to it. An afternoon and evening reading business papers and writing out policies and instructions. Most weekend comment and analysis is suggesting improving economic fortunes and sustained recovery but I am more cautious of it until the government stops cutting back on essential services and investments.