June 1990

A mostly warm and sunny month with drier spells and a busy and eventful one for me spending time in Norfolk, preparing my boat for my first unaccompanied sea trip, linking up with Steve Bloom at the Wroxham Marina to help him with their new boat and working out the future of Heronshaw whilst employing a new gardener at home and welcoming family visits.

A new fitted office and further furnishings ordered and a new central heating boiler awaited. Debbie installed Sundance at his new Staughton stables and coped with her riding and Brownie events after suffering a hand injury from a dog bite when delivering my FOCUS leaflets which had its largest ever area circulation.

I advanced my Council contribution, arranging to get the vice-chairmanship of the regional committee of the District Council which I then chaired, and making a difference to district and local governance. Continued efforts on HDC committees as well as Little Paxton Parish Council and Village Hall meetings arguing for improved facilities for the village which led to agreement to re-roof the whole of the front and middle of the hall and to go ahead with a new wood-block floor. I declined/deferred an invitation to be the local LibDem parliamentary candidate and contributed to St Neots Museum and KSS committees.

Di’s brother Charlie and Chrisula had another baby girl Crystal Louise Jackson and Di’s friend Linda Richardson and husband Ian had a rather irreverent family christening at which we were godparents. I lent the £120,000 for Freda to take over Redgrave Post Office and Stores. The Lady was now replaced with the Paxton Princess. A month of exams for Daniel, and a new girlfriend to impress in his new car. Just a few cinema trips and school event outings.

The further IRA attacks, legal problems over Poll Tax implementation, beef boycotts, industrial /economic issues and questionable ethics see the UK government besieged from all sides. Elsewhere at least Bush and Gorbachev have agreed on substantial nuclear and chemical weapons cuts and trade pacts but agrees to differ on the reunification of Germany and faced challenges to his authority by Boris Yeltzin and the rest of the Russian Federation.

In Romania, thousands of demonstrators stormed the television compound and set fire to the police headquarters after widespread electoral irregularity, Iran had an earthquake and a series of after-shock earthquakes and the fatalities may now be over 50,000. South Africa then scrapped their apartheid laws and now have to introduce a universal franchise to be welcomed into the international community.

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