Monday 30th November 1987

A weary and disrupted day after a late night taking the kids to the school bus stop, reviewing my investments with BZW, receiving an ineffective gas plumber and Colin Howard with regard to photos and frames. An evening visit from Nigel, reviewing property and other investments and a jointly gloomy view of the economy

A bit late to bed watching the TV snooker. Steve Davis beat his opponent, Jimmy White, by two frames. Couldn’t sleep easily and so rolled over to give attention to Di. She accepted it in good grace, but complained terribly this morning. I got up reasonably on time for a change and, after breakfast, I went out to feed the ducks and doves, to make up for yesterday. They seemed not to have suffered any ill effects. Then to take Debbie and Daniel to the bus stop on the old Great North Road, where the school bus stops. Debs was still a little unwell this morning and it was raining and cold as well. I noticed that just about all of the Kimboltonians were taken to that bus stop by car this morning and that none of them were wearing their coats! This in contrast to the legions of Longsands state school children that were all wrapped up against the cold. Strange! Once home, I got quickly to my desk and contacted Peter Roy, Director of my stockbrokers BZW, and discussed some ideas with him.

Sunday 29th November 1987

Lazy start to the foggy, frosty and cold day cuddling up with my daughters, reading the Sunday papers and enjoying a full breakfast in bed before a rush to St James’s Church for the family service, forgetting the poor ducks in their hutch as we went straight on to visit my parents for my Dad’s belated birthday visit. Back home to an evening paying bills and transferring funds whilst listening to news of another major plane crash, a South Korean 707 over Burma, the Iranian sheltering in their French Embassy after their Paris bomb attack is released, the savage murder of two old ladies in England, the Haiti election abandoned after Duvalier’s armed gang of supporters killed 17 and beloved comedy actress Irene Handl has died, aged 85

Slept well after a chilly start to the night and some trouble over getting Diana to warm my feet up!! Lay in a little until 8.00am and then Debbie came in my bed to join me and cuddle for a while. Then Daniella did the same thing and I chatted to her so that, by the time breakfast of fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & bread was ready, I had not even got washed and dressed. Back to my bed to read the Sunday papers (The Observer) but only just managed to read it before it was time to rush a shave and shower and get ready in my best suit for the church family service at 11.00am.

Saturday 28th November 1987

Looking after Debbie’s overnight guest Sarah overnight and this morning and then time attending The November Fair before taking her friend Amy with us to the RSPB films and play in the Village Hall this evening. A South African jumbo jet crashes in mysterious circumstances in the Indian Ocean and Terry Waite is sighted in the Lebanon

Was a little restless last night. Having suggested that Debbie’s friend, Sarah, stay the night, I noticed she was still up and reading a book when we retired at 10.30pm and wondered if she’d settle down ok. Felt hot with a cold coming on in the night and so came down for an orange to eat, glass of milk to drink and then checked on the girls and they were both sleeping fine. This morning we all made breakfast together. Luckily Amy, Debbie’s local friend, was out with her parents this morning

Friday 27th November 1987

History research day, visiting the Samual Jones manager, Mrs Connie Morris of West Lodge and then the Mrs Bunnage and her sister where I inspected her old monument and ‘Parliament Clock’. Desie O’Hare, ‘The Border Fox’, Ireland’s most wanted terrorist, was shot, wounded and captured by Irish police; 16 Christians were killed in Zimbabwe and Station Officer Colin  Townsley, a casualty of the Kings Cross Fire, had his funeral today

A clearer night, with a slight touch of frost in places in the garden, reminding me that I have to resolve the question of getting The Lady into the marina for repair. Still, it was a bright and sunny day, with a blue sky, which made a welcome change from the damp and dull weather of late. I read this morning’s paper after breakfast and then got ready for my visit to Mr Ken Gambier of Samuel Jones & Co. As an afterthought, I also took my pocket instamatic camera, the weather being so good. I met him in his office, returned the loan page of photographs and then borrowed six files relating to the enlargement of the site in c1971. He then took me around the Riversfield House, where I took a range of photographs, both inside and out. It is surprisingly original, as they have not made any wide ranging internal changes. In particular I noted how the domestic and principal accommodation and staircases were split and also how the top (3rd) floor was as it was originally built.