1984 - Selling Comart and 'retiring' to fight battles for the British Computer Industry

A very good year featuring my sale of Comart as a successful going concern and of my retirement, the birth of my daughter, Daniella, both during a hot summer peak and finally of my own family together at the end of it for my mother’s heart operation. A year of divisive UK politics under Thatcher featuring the Miners’ dispute over pit closures, savagely put down and the IRA bombing of the Tory conference in Brighton and internationally of the Bhopal gas tragedy and the murder of Indira Gandi. A major triumph for me winning the anti-IBM/BT standards battle and developing influence for the BMMG at PITCOM, NCC and NEDO  but sadness as Eric Morecombe and Tommy Cooper are both lost  amongst the ranks of those still attempting to spread good cheer.

And this ends 1984. A year that brought a new baby daughter and a fortune. The end of an era of entrepreneurial endeavour and success, and the last year of my business particularly successful but with the future yet to unfold. \the year started with a month of personal, business and industry progress but also with illness, storms and disasters as Thatcher pursued ever more unpopular, divisive and damaging policies and the world suffers coups, conflicts and atrocities but even this early in the year, I was committed to selling Comart and bad news strengthens my resolve to sell my company whilst the going is good and to find more time to improve my family life and research our history.