June 2022

A ‘flaming June’ with three record hottest days of the year in succession with temperatures over 30degC but Afghanistan earthquakes were the worst disaster. I hosted my Father’s Day family BBQ amongst several family gatherings with Kathleen gaining independence from some separate events at a time of great agitation for her as her former husband William suffered greatly.

My Blackrow planning application for a new band sawmill shelter was eventually obtained and construction started, and our new touring caravan sought, purchased and used for our first stay in Southwold. The Woodcocks eventually turned up to excavate the hole for the installation of our new sewage tank which was eventually commissioned and much used and appreciated.

Charlie Randall and his boys were starting work on Ropes Hill Dyke Road this month after several years neglected and it fell to me to mark the road sections for levels to be achieved. Though working in Blackrow, I tried to keep the Horning house and moorings gardens tidy in a big growth season. As well as controlling the bracken and cutting the rides, processing branches and spreading the chippings, there were wasps, rats and squirrels to control. I had the help of David and sometimes that of his partner Lizzie to help in this respect.

When not to exhausted to do so, there was always the task of compiling my daily journal articles and completing the publication of my month-end entries. Then there was always my day-today accounts work, keeping track of expenditure.

The news was dominated by the rapid deterioration of Boris Johnson’s premiership; the price of petrol saw its biggest daily jump in 17 years, the UK Government’s plans to send some asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda were deemed to be a breach of international law. Boris Johnson's ethics adviser, the second in succession to quit, says he did so after the PM forced him into an “impossible and odious” position.

There was resurgent industrial unrest with rail and tube strikes as the government tried to hold wages down in times of growing inflation. Passengers were expressing fury over what they see as poor treatment amidst continued misery at UK airports.

In such depressing times, the nation was lifted as roaring crowds cheered the Queen as she joined other royals on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the first of four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, some of which she could watch in person and others, due to her advanced years, she was forced to watch on TV.

Internationally, the war in Ukraine dragged on bloodily. President Biden said he would supply Kyiv with new long-range missiles as dozens of Russian missiles struck targets across the country, with the capital Kyiv enduring the heaviest barrage in months. Leaders of the G7 group of the world's richest nations meeting in Bavaria described the missile strike on the Ukrainian shopping centre in Kremenchuk as "abominable".

Turkey has finally agreed to support Finland and Sweden's NATO membership applications. The US Supreme Court, weighted with right-wing appointments in the Trump era, struck down a New York law restricting gun-carrying rights and removed millions of women in the US of t their existing constitutional right to abortion. To complete a horrible hattrick, they also reduced some of the powers of the US president to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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