February 1991

A busy and eventful and very cold month with IRA disruption to the railway network during the Climax to the Gulf War. Personally, working on Little Paxton Parish and local LibDem priorities, upgrading my computer and Paxton Princess motor cruiser and continuing improvements to The Hayling View as my On-Site training investment fails as Freda health starts to fail and she struggles with her shop finances. Daniel is grounded after his second damaging car accident.

As ever for me, February turned out to be a very eventful month indeed. Both busy and disruptive as it was dominated all the time by events that formed a climax to the Gulf War. As the land offensive approached, the IRA first bombed Downing Street on the 7th and then severely disrupted the railway network for the rest of the month. Main Line stations received both hoax and real bomb threats as this Libyan-backed nationalist group showed its sympathy for the Arab cause. Then the next US ultimatum on the 22nd brought the Soviet peace efforts to an end. The US and UK did not really want Iraq to comply and avoid a land war and Saddam Hussein played right into their hands by not doing so.

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