Thursday 21st May 1992

Another very hot and sunny day which meant that I had to get the Rolls Royce air conditioning fixed, which I did. We also collected the Range Rover which had a fuel pipe constriction fixed and turned down a deal on a newer one.

I played tennis on the games lawn with Debbie again up until dusk and, although she was playing at school today and was using her best racquet this evening, I did not go to a St Neots LibDem branch meeting this evening as I wanted them to get used to doing without me

Another very hot and sunny day which made me even more determined that ever to get the Rolls Royce air conditioning fixed. Slow to start due to aching body and limbs and the need for a hair wash but, after breakfast with the girls, I chased a vehicle air-conditioning service firm and then drove over to Lower Gravenhurst in Bedfordshire to get him to look at it. He charged me £60 for the re-charge and check but it ended up working and I was pleased at that. On to Bedford where I dropped in on the Range Rover dealer and found that they had traced the latest problem to a fuel return pipe pinched by the fuel tank and that the car was ready.

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Wednesday 20th May 1992

A hot and sweaty day turning the compost heaps and making an abortive trip to collect the Range Rover, which had not been fixed as anticipated. A dip in the pool after lunch to cool off and remove the ‘composty’ smell and another barbeque by the pool after playing tennis with Debbie again.

After weeks of violent demonstrations and civil anger at the rule of a military leader that had taken over in a coup; the "God-King" of Thailand called in the parties and read the riot act to get them to co-operate.

I was up and out early this morning, digging away at the compost heap. But first, I saw the girls off to school and helped Diana to overcome their normal sensitivities and nonsenses. A call to the Range Rover service agents who had been trying to contact me yesterday and then out to the heap. The gardener was fretting about the bedding plants; worrying about where to put them and whether he had too many or too few but I had to let him get on with it in the end as there were no ideal answers. I used my time in turning the huge compost heaps and was getting angry at the amount of rubbish at the bottom that had not been shredded before they were last made.

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Tuesday 19th May 1992

A productive day trip to Norfolk on a hot and sunny day, Diana and taking the Rolls Royce and ending up driving with the hood down. Daniel helped me work there and received £20 petrol money and some lunch and the work on the Harnser boat shed was getting on well.

We collected Della from Great Paxton and Debbie had looked after herself, making tea and doing her homework and so I played tennis and went swimming with her in thanks

It was another beautifully-sunny day which started quite warm and then got warmer still. I was sharp up at 7.00am; completing my tasks and getting ready for leaving within the hour. Diana and the girls also got a shift on so that we could leave them reading in the garden until it was time for them to catch the bus. We took the Rolls Royce which ran well apart from the air conditioning not working. To start with the air vents were sufficient but then the heat was such that we opened the windows and, finally, opened the power hood to go convertible in Norwich. We had a little time in hand and so we had stopped at the roadside snack bar for coffee and then at the Xerox Copy Centre in Norwich to get some more plan copies.

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Monday 18th May 1992

Working outside at The Hayling View on a hot and sunny day after a cloudy start supervising the lawn cutting and composting and then starting the well pump to water the games lawn before a prawn salad lunch and then setting up the tennis net for Debbie and I to practice later.

The Rolls Royce battery was flat and unusable and so I bought a new one and then took the Range Rover in for repair to solve its smoky exhaust. The news is unrepeatable, being so full of international conflict and terrorism as I prefer to take my new post-council leisure getting away from it all and will certainly not write of it here.

I was to spend most of the day outside at The Hayling View and it was only at the end of the day that I could get into my office to return to my boat-shed planning. I was called late but made up time before breakfast and was out tending to my chores when the gardener arrived. I told him that I wanted the lawns cut again; shorter this time. Whilst he cut the lawns, I used the shredder and tackled the huge pile of foliage and twigs that he wanted to burn but which I wanted to shred and mix with the grass cuttings to make a good compost heap even better. I also started using the tine rake to lift up the tougher grass stems and weeds on the games lawn prior to getting him to cut it short with the rotary to be ready for the cylinder mower for the rest of the season.

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