Friday 19th May 1989

I was planting waterlilies and fitting underwater lighting units to my fish pond on another hot, sunny and humid day before joining Della in our swimming pool and then designing my publicity pack for selling my books. Daniel brought home very poor school assessments and I went through his work. The Chinese crisis deepens with more troops brought in to control the demonstrators, Thatcher is blaming Chancellor Lawson for 8% inflation rates and dockers, tube train drivers and bus drivers are all planning strikes

This was yet another hot, sunny and humid day. I got up, dressed and showered on time and then occupied myself planting the water lilies in tubs in the pond. I re-introduced the underwater lighting units, securing them to the tubs with galvanised wire and taping the sharp edges. During this job, the Village Hall Secretary arrived to use my photocopier. I was quite tired from the exertion and the clearing up afterwards, but I was glad that the plants were introduced. The pond water temperature rose to 75°F and the Koi cannot stop eating and swimming. This afternoon I was tempted into swimming in the pool on a humid and hot afternoon. Della loved it but I ended up more tired and stiff as a result. Daniel brought home very poor school assessments and I sat with him this evening and went through his work.

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Thursday 18th May 1989

After another desk-clearing session, I took Di and Daniel in the Rolls-Royce for a nice lunch at the Ferry Boat Inn at Holywell and then rushed him to Buckden School for voluntary service before collecting Debbie from school for horse riding where she eventually got a jumping lesson in the field and did well. Home to my delivery of aquatic plants from the Stapely Garden Centre and then off this evening to meet Priory activist, Sally Guinee, to recruit her for our District Council campaign. Chinese leader Teng Xiao Ping, failed to placate the populist Chinese student protesters and UK inflation hits 8% with interest rate rises a prospect.

This was another hot and humid day. There was no Joan today and so Diana stayed at home to do her housework. I cleared my desk (again!!) and then received the morning mail and with it the complete deeds of The Hayling View. I then spent an hour or so reading and checking them before filing them in the fireproof safe. There were forms to fill in, bills to pay before lunch was soon upon me. Daniel was home this morning and finished off his computer project on my machine. Di was depressed and so I took her and Daniel out in the Rolls-Royce to the Ferry Boat Inn at Holywell, where we enjoyed a nice lunch on the riverbank.

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Wednesday 17th May 1989

I spent the morning working on my Rolls-Royce to get it ready for use on another fine and sunny day and then to pick up my dry cleaning from St Neots before driving to Huntingdon for a boring procedural District Council meeting as Debbie swam at Ernulf pool and Daniel worked at his school computing project on my Apple Mac. Huge Chinese demonstrations in Peking during the Gorbachev visit are a serious embarrassment to the Chinese government. Back home NHS doctors are set to block governments dismantling of the social security and health service as labours draw level with the Tories at 43% and the stock exchange hits record highs

This was another fine and sunny day. There was no Peter, my gardener, today and so I first fed the doves and fish and then started to clean the Rolls-Royce to get it back into action. The battery was flat and so, whilst I recharged it, I turned my attention to my bicycle and was disappointed to find Daniel had put it away wet and muddy so that it had become tarnished. Then the rest of the morning working on the Rolls-Royce. It was hard work on a warm day, but I had the paintwork cleaned and polished by lunchtime. Then the tyres needed pumping up afterwards and Di went to pick up my dry cleaning from St Neots. A nice drive to Huntingdon, but a boring afternoon meeting of the District Council.

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Tuesday 16th May 1989

Another fine and warm day after a late night when I would rather be outside but had to start the day organising my office and desk. Lunch with Diana and then out to see the new Koi carp arrivals at the Needingworth fish farm but was not impressed upon.  Collecting Debbie from Kimbolton and taking her to the very sad and deserted stables. Diana had some new lounge furniture delivered and I took Daniel for a driving lesson. The Chinese government is under pressure for constitutional reforms, an Ethiopian coup is thwarted and a car bomb kills 22 in the Lebanon as Thatcher fails to prevent new European cigarette packet warnings and suffers a Lords defeat on electricity privatisation and the ‘Rose’ Shakespeare theatre remains have a short stay of execution but no permanent protection.

I could only get to bed at 11pm last night, which was a pity as I had wanted even more sleep. In the event, I slept well for the rest of the night and Di had to try quite hard to awaken me. It was another fine and warm day, which reminded me again that I must get these paperwork chores out of the way to get some outside work done. This morning, I tried yet again to tidy my desk sufficiently to organise my affairs, but it proves very difficult with so many things outstanding.

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