Tuesday 31st May 1988

A sound night’s sleep for the first time in a while and time on my History project for the first time in ages as I review the St Neots Paper Mill archive about the building of Riversfield House. Some efforts on the new invasion of moles and some time on my FOCUS newsletter as well. The East/West summit seems about to stall and England’s football hooliganism is still preventing European games for our teams

Slept soundly after retiring to sleep the same time as Diana – the first for a long time since I cracked my ribs and became so busy. Breakfast with the family and then this morning finishing off my FOCUS newsletter and mapping out the layout on an A3 piece of cartridge paper. Soon time for lunch and I sat and looked through some photographs with Daniella, whilst Diana unloaded the car, packed away the things, and prepared a lunch of sausage, peas and potatoes. Debbie came back this morning from her stay with Linda Nagle and was full of it. Daniel worked for a couple of hours on his chemistry revision this morning and this afternoon, but I felt that he should have done more. This afternoon, I drove off to Eaton Socon and bought some more Mole Smokes and a spring-loaded mole trap, which I proceeded to set when I got back.

Monday 30th May 1988

Bank Holiday – Off to St Ives after some early-morning work to enjoy the St Ivo Centre and (Daniel and I) the chandlers before an open-air snack at The Town Quay and then off to see Kimbolton castle to show Debbie and to see some medieval instruments played. Back home to mow the lawns, Pete being away, and then some evening FOCUS editing and hearing of the devastating car bomb explosion in Beirut, killing 15 people and injuring many more as an RAF pilot was killed at an air display near Coventry when his Gloster Meteor, the last remaining RAF version of this vintage plane, crashed into a field

To bed quite early last night and then awake at 6.30 this morning. As I drank my morning tea, I got Diana to sit beside my bed and we discussed the day’s activities, so as to fit in Daniel’s revision with a trip out. In the end, we resolved to leave at 10.30 and return at 3.30pm and so we organised an early breakfast and then I managed a couple of hours work in my office. I typed up a number more sections of my Focus newsletter content, then we locked the house up, fed the ducks and doves, and set off for St Ives. We had an interesting time there. The girls looked round the market, whilst Daniel and I went to L H Jones chandlers, then I walked up to the St Ivo centre to look round the antique fair. Because the restaurants were busy on a Bank Holiday, we opted for takeaway burgers and kebabs and sat by the Town Quay eating them and drinking cans of drink. The weather was still alternate sun and showers. Then off to Kimbolton School to see the castle, driving the back way via Gravely, Offord etc. It was a craft fair today and also a chance for Debbie to see the castle, which is only accessible for main school children.

Sunday 29th May 1988

The family were still enjoying our Sunday breakfast, the Rev Peter Lewis’s family service at St James’s Church and the Priory Park fête and fun run despite the wet and drizzly weather. The East West arms limitation talks have started at summit levels in Russia, and the BBC are removing a cooling tower infected with Legionnaires’ disease and 30 right wing British skinheads are arrested in France after attacks on black people

Awoke to a wet and drizzly morning somewhat early, as a couple of boatloads of swearing yobbos were kicking up a row at 6.30am. Just shaved before breakfast and left the rest of my toilet routine until I had finished vacuum cleaning and washing the Range Rover. Of course, in between, I enjoyed my normal fried breakfast for a Sunday. The weather continued showery, with hot sunny spells interspaced. I am sure that the sun is yearly hotter and a risk to exposed skin, but I could possibly be wrong. It was a fine spell when we walked to and from St James Church for the family service, which was conducted with humour and interest by Rev Pete Lewis to a full church. It is a pity that the three parish and church calendars only permit this service to be held in months having a fifth Sunday (4 per year). Once home, we loaded up the Range Rover with a picnic and started to drive to Priory Park for a fete and fun-run (half marathon) finish, but the roads were blocked off for the runners and so we left the car at the Paper Mill and walked instead.

Saturday 28th May 1988

The morning and lunch with the family at The Bridge Hotel and then watching some televised football before mowing the games lawn and spent the evening on council correspondence. Syria have found no hostages in Beirit’s southern suburbs, A 13 year old schoolgirl from Newark, Donna Smith, has been found dead in undergrowth, there was violence at the Chelsea vs Middlesbrough league playoff today, with Chelsea youths disappointed with their relegation to Division II and the USSR Presidium ratified the nuclear arms treaty

Slept a little longer last night, but was still a bit unsettled. This morning, I was quick off the mark and well ready for my breakfast of boiled duck egg and buttered toast fingers. In fact, I managed to get Diana to not over boil them for once, which made them much better. Teased Daniel at the table on the subject of his trip to Gary Skinner’s house and his call for Di to drive him there. I was making out that he ought to go by bike! This morning, I read the Economist, FT, morning mail and then sorted out and filed a few things. Once Di was back from her trip, I also went to St Neots Sorting Office and collected a couple of parcels; a dull telephone directory and the first Doomsday transcripts, maps and notices for my Penny Edition. Then it was time to leave for lunch and I took the girls to the Beefeater at The Bridge Hotel. We had a nice seat by the window watching the boats, as they seemed to have changed the restaurant round and allocated more non-smoking areas. This afternoon, I dealt with the last week’s press cuttings and put away a few things. After that, I watched a televised international football match and saw England beat Switzerland 1-0.