May 1992

A busy month but successful month of elections, property visits to Norfolk and Scotland whilst finding time for family priorities, as Debbie became a teenager, Daniel had his car stolen and Della was healing well and progressing well at school.

More improvement works to The Paxton Princess and some time aboard and progress in building the new boat mooring dyke and with plans for the new Harnser building. The news full of unrepeatable, being so full of international conflict and terrorism which does not bear repeating but England beat Pakistan in the second one day test running

It might be possible to pack more into a single month, but I doubt it as this month saw visits to all of my UK properties, an active and successful local election, resolution of several outstanding problems and this still left time for lots of time with my family. Debbie had her 13th birthday party with a celebration to match and was now recognised as a teenager but our time with her teachers later in the month revealed that the boys are catching her up in maths and the sciences so that her continuance in the 1st Maths Set depends on the examinations. At least she revised during our Norfolk break and I found out that she needed the help. I also found time to regularly practice her tennis with her on the Games Lawn.

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