Thursday 16th February 1989

This morning working on The Haylings section of my Paxton Park book chapter and this afternoon taking Debbie and Helen horse-riding on Sundance after they had brought home their satisfactory school assessments. This evening wasted chasing a phantom parish council booking, which was a cock-up, and then hearing of the ‘Harrison Way’ St Ives road-naming reversal and making a fuss about it. The Lockerbie bomb was hidden in a radio-cassette player and the world’s stock exchanges are sliding again

An earlier night and a more relaxed awakening with a full eight hours of sleep for a change. I fed the fish and found all except the Ohgon feeding freely. He tried spat the pellets out and did not try again. The nitrite level is well down, and I hope the fish will strengthen now. I spent this morning on my history, editing and rewriting the last section of Paxton Park, this time on The Haylings. This afternoon, I took Debbie and her friend, Helen from Perry, horse riding on Sundance and they thoroughly enjoyed it and rode well. They had brought home their school assessments and Debbie is doing okay and Helen even better.

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Wednesday 15th February 1989

I continue to work on the Paxton Park chapter of my history book today as my Koi carp continued their improvement and Charles Frost visited about finishing the conservatory. This evening, to an SLD meeting to discuss the County Council election campaign. The last Soviet soldier leaves Afghanistan but a civil war seems likely and Islamic fundamentalists put a bounty of £3 million on the head of Salman Rushdie

I was awoken all too early this morning as I still had many hours of sleep to catch up on. I began the day with a headache that continued all day. This morning, I started on my Paxton Park Maternity Hospital section of my Little Paxton History Book with just one interruption, Charles Frost, visiting to talk about finishing off the conservatory. My carp are looking not too bad this morning; the Kohaku is feeding and swimming actively but the Ohgon is a bit sluggish, yet also still fed a little later.

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Tuesday 14th February 1989 - Valentine’s Day

Diana gave me a card but unfortunately, I had forgotten a card for her, and Debbie’s Valentine gave a card to another so we were both embarrassed. As severe storms raged in Scotland, I spent the whole day on my Paxton Park Christian Science School section of my book before taking Debbie for her horse-riding lesson and doing some other horsey chores. Stephen Field visited, with his wife, and we let the large carp go free in the main pond as they seem better. Iran’s Ayatollah Komeni has issued a Fatwa calling for the death of British author Salman Rushdie who was written the book ‘the Satanic Verses’

I was tired this morning after a late night but still got showered and shaved in 15mins to make breakfast on time. Di gave me a Valentine’s Day card today, but I had forgotten and had no opportunity to go out and buy her one. Debbie took in a card for her heartthrob, Mark Clyne, today but he gave one to another girl and not her! Worse still, the whole prep school knew about it and she was very embarrassed. I spent the day on my Paxton Park Christian Science School section; finishing the editing, correction and printing of the section by mid-afternoon. Then it was time to go and get Debbie and take her horse riding. I dropped in at Brampton for Fiona and bought three half-hundredweight sacks of bran for her horses and also to the Saddlers to change Debbie’s stirrup rubbers and get some other equipment.

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Monday 13th February 1989

After turning to the fish, ducks and doves I worked on my Christian Science School parts of the Paxton Park chapter today planning to start the Maternity Hospital section tomorrow. The food poisoning row blazes on with UK ministers at odds and under threat of being sued by French cheese producers. Jailed South African nationalists start a hunger strike, properties in Scotland and Northern Ireland have been damaged by 100 mph gales and gang robberies and assaults are taking place on trains now that guards have been withdrawn as a result of government changes.

I was woken half an hour earlier today with my morning tea by Diana which was rather upsetting as I tried hard to get to sleep early and it was all for naught. I went out to feed the ducks and doves and then to the conservatory to do the same for the fish. The small ones are still in fine fettle, but the larger ones seem not to have responded to the antibiotics on their last but one day of treatment. My day was spent in the house working on my Christian Science School parts of the Paxton Park chapter. By the end of the day, I was undertaking my final edit, having survived a power cut in hours lost data. I should finish off this section in the morning and I can go on then to try putting together the hospital section in the afternoon.

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