Friday 21st April 1989

A day canvassing in Offord with Percy, close to the riding stables were Fiona’s father, Roland Smith, was an opposition Tory councillor as we competed to erect the most posters

A long day canvassing and helping with the County Council elections. Time spent in Offord, where I was seen close to the Fitzpatrick Riding Stables and to my opposition councillor, Roland Smith, who was also out working. They had put up quite a lot of posters themselves and the Buckden county seat is very marginal and could go either way depending upon the work both before and on the election day

Thursday 20th April 1989

A day dominated by me threatening legal action against Tory district leader, Derek Holley, by the end of which he undertook to publish a written apology and retraction in the Hunts Post. I received the first 100 history of Little Paxton books and two were presented at this evening’s Little Paxton Annual Parish Meeting two to long term retiring members.

The day is dominated by events concerning the local Tories who must be now well aware that they are losing out in our local campaigns. First, the Hunts Post this morning printed a letter from the Tory district leader, Derek Holley, which was downright libellous and defamatory. I checked round to see who else had printed it, but it was only accepted in abridged and censored form by the Citizens Express. I tried to talk to Derek Holley without success. Then spoke to the Conservative agent, Mr English, and cleared up a few misunderstandings from earlier in the campaign. I then took advice from written ASLDC briefing notes on the law and in person from the senior litigation partner at Vinters and actually took the step of arranging a 5pm meeting with him. In the afternoon, Derek Holley eventually capitulated after talking with the Hunts Post editor and agreed to submit an apology and the paper to print it for next week.

Wednesday 19th April 1989

A busy day working on my computer to complete the copy for our final election leaflets, but I was pleased to extract a public written apology from Tory leader Derek Holley after he was unwisely provoked into accusations of lying!

A struggle today to get the copy done for the final leaflets in the campaign. I was up against time deadlines and also the problem of the computer running into the lack of further memory and disk space. Even so, I got them done I feel that they are the best ones I’ve done so far and when the campaign on a high note. Percy took them over to Cambridge and got their content approved on the way by Des Merrill. I also helped with some more canvassing today later on.

Tuesday 18th April 1989

A long and tiring day working on the final election leaflets and then attending a residents action group meeting at Little Paxton Village Hall, surprisingly attended by local leading District Council Tories and their leader Derek Holley was unwisely provoked into accusations of lying for which he had to make a public apology later!

A long and tiring day working on the final round of the election leaflets. Have been making an extra special effort and perfecting a powerful style for the last campaign report. This extended into the evening, but I broke off to attend the PULP action group open meeting at Little Paxton Village Hall which was a very interesting experience with a good attendance that has attracted the leading District Council Tories to the village, which was surprising indeed. Of course, the letters of invitation had been sent to the District Councillors, but it must have been the Mill Lane election poster boards and the recent work in Little Paxton that necessitated a response in this election campaign. Its good at least to be responsible for keeping them on their toes and their leader, Derek Holley, was unwisely provoked into accusations of us lying for which he had to make a public written press apology later!! Home late and then, after several telephone calls, decided to leave the completion of the leaflets until tomorrow