Friday 18th August 1989

A better night sleep and good start to the day as I ran into Di coming out of the shower before we were both dressed! After some hasty chores, we took a trip to Bedford on the last day of the school holidays and I dropped in on the Peacocks Auction Centre which has changed its name to the Bedford Auction Centre. Then together to Harry Kitchener Marine but a very poor display of boats inexpensive chandlery. Home via St Neots for food shopping after which I spent the rest of the day on paperwork and admiring my growing Koi carp.

A £1 million kidnap and ransom demand was thwarted with six men arrested, the UK inflation rate is down a little at 8.2% and Argentina/UK diplomatic talks are progressing well with the questions of Falklands sovereignty left to one side. A nice warm, sunny day spoilt by widespread straw/stubble burning

A good night and a better start to the day as I ran into Di as I was coming out of the shower and before we were both dressed! Then a quick routine of doves, fish and plants before I spent a little time getting the swimming pool boiler going to start heating the water. Then our trip to Bedford on the last day before the children go back to school. We parked at Luke Street, had coffee at Debenhams and then went our various ways.

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Thursday 17th August 1989

After a better night, and a session doing my chores, I took Di for a trip to St Neots and the market, allowing Della to play with Amy and Catherine for a while first. Lunch at the Southoe Little Chef and then to Buckden to look at boats without finding one to better The Lady. A major problem with the boat, as the copper fuel line had shorted on the ships batteries, spraying fuel everywhere. Eventually to get it started and back in Paxton in time for a poor parish council meeting.

Home late and to bed later hearing news that Solidarity being poised to assume power in Poland and that two of the three launches of the new US nuclear Trident missile have failed.

I slept better last night but resolved to get the room temperature right for tomorrow as it starts too warm and then gets too cold. Up a little late but then I rushed round to feed the animals and water the plants before leaving with Di for a trip to town and market. We delayed our departure so that Della could play a little with Amy and Catherine and had a coffee at home whilst had another go at the swimming pool.

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Wednesday 16th August 1989

I was late down to breakfast after another difficult night getting temperature right. Much of this morning working to restore our swimming pool chemical balance and algae removal with more desk work and admin taking up the rest of the time. A break this afternoon watching televised cricket and catching up on reading whilst Diana entertained soon and children.

The news from Poland is that Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa, is in line to form a government in opposition to the Communist Party

I had a difficult night, getting the room temperature correct and eventually got asleep only to awake rather reluctantly this morning, such that I could only have breakfast with Diana and Della again. A quick look at the morning papers before Pete arrived unexpectedly, as he is working today and going away for the weekend. I spent this morning working on the swimming pool and got most of the algae out by vacuuming and adding more chlorine.

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Tuesday 15th August 1989

Foregoing a trip to Cambridge with Diana, I spent today at my desk replying to mail and reading the financial newspapers before making a start on the swimming pool, brushing the sediment of algae off of the sides and administering a large dose of chlorine later. I ended this evening watching Australian feature film on the TV before retiring to bed together soon after 11pm

A good night’s sleep, disturbed only briefly by a downpour of rain during the night. This summer has been ideal with only one rainy day since early July and all the rain falling at night. It was increasingly windy however and there was storm damage elsewhere in the country. I made a fair start but declined to go along with Diana to Cambridge as I cannot justify a trip out every day.