Horrific floods in Rio de Janeiro killing over 500 souls

Woken up early by Di on a mild but dull day and to the financial papers to read of worsening economic news and then to take her shopping in St Neots and to launch Daniel’s Little Lady at the slipway there before lunch at the Little Chef. I received my Reliant parts and so spent the afternoon working on this and the Range Rover. Horrific floods in Rio de Janeiro killing over 500 souls

Went to bed very late last night and was awoken quite early by an irate Di, who was disappointed we would not be going to St Ives today. I had said that we’d been out yesterday and so she was insisting I did my history project this morning. A little late to my breakfast of boiled egg and then to my office to read the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle. They still worry about worse economic news to come, being influenced by the prospect of higher interest rates and the coming crunch in the City. Di wanted to go shopping and so we went to St Neots together, Daniel and I hitched up the Little Lady on the trailer and launched it by St Neots Rowing Club, whilst Di went to the Gateway supermarket.

There was a huge amount of rubbish on the public slipway and I think I was the first to use it this season. Home after and my parts arrived from The Seven Workshop. I offered to take Di to the Little Chef for lunch, to cheer her up, and then spent the rest of the day working on the cars. I painted a few rust marks on the boat trolley with Hammerite and then also did the Range Rover’s tow bar assembly and now the car looks brand new. The rest of the time working on the Reliant. I took the cylinder head off, tried dismantling the dynamo, but at last managed to replace the brushes, re-grease the bearings and clean the commutator. I gave up trying not to alter the timing and will now have to work out how to do it. A rather tiring and trying time, but I am slowly making progress. In quite late again, but at least I managed to get to bed at a reasonable time. The weather mildish, but no sun today. The news today is of horrific mud slides and floods in Rio de Janeiro, which may have claimed up to 500 Brazilian lives. This yearly tragedy hit with a vengeance, when a huge rock fell down the hillside and crushed a hospital. Back home in Manchester, there was a 1500 strong protest procession against ‘Clause 28’ which forbids the promotion of homosexuality. Irish Premier Haughey speaks out again in protest over the unsatisfactory situation in Northern Ireland, being still unhappy with the judicial decisions.