Edwina Currie heading into controversy over the NHS, eggs during a secret illicit affair with John Major

To Bedford today for a family photographic session and then some shopping for car servicing pools and equipment before lunch with some of Debbie’s friends. Di and the girls off to St Neots indoor pool as Daniel came back with me to work and anti-fouled the hull of his cruiser as I carried on painting the Reliant. More history research calls about Wray House and late up writing this journal. More trouble in Ulster, Edwina Currie, Junior Health Minister  gets bags of flour and rotten tomatoes when visiting Glasgow University as students protest over the NHS

Awoke quite early this morning and went down in search of my drink. Stayed there to have my breakfast in pyjamas and then had to rush to get ready. The children being on their school half term holiday, we had decided to all go into Bedford together for a family photograph session. Got out OK in the end and made good time to park in the Lurke Street car park and arrived at the photographers when they opened at 9.00am. Some nice poses and we shall soon see the results. Elsewhere in Debenhams after for our morning drinks and then we each went our separate ways to do some shopping. I made for Halfords and bought a whole lot of car servicing tools and equipment and we all met back at the car park. The drive via local villages to collect two of Debbie's friends and then off together to the Happy Eater for an early lunch.

We made good use of the rear bench seat and had 7 of us in the car at once. After this, Daniel and I came home to work and Di took the girls off to a session at St Neots indoor swimming pool. Daniel anti-fouled the underside of his cruiser and we shall launch it tomorrow. I used some new axle stands to secure the Reliant and then carried on with the black paintwork and further adjustments to the front fork and hub. Time later to tend the ducks and doves and then, after tea, all evening working on my history at last. I covered the Blacksmiths and the three terraced Great North Road cottages, but had to work quite late to do it. I heard from Frank ‘Paddy’ Hall today, who wants me to go to see Mrs Beeson (ex of Wray House) next week to see a fine photograph. Had to stay up late to write my journal etc and it was nearly midnight before I retired to bed, after I had watched the end of a film about escape from a sunken submarine. News today of an attack in South Tyrone, where two police are injured by an IRA grenade. The debate over the Stalker enquiry goes on. Edwina Currie, the Junior Health Minister, got a bag of flour, rotten tomatoes and all else for her trouble when arriving to address Glasgow University, as students protest over the state of the NHS.