Day off taking Diana and Debbie to Westminster for a boat trip on The Thames and under the raised Tower Bridge to see and learn much local history before home to play with Daniel upon his return from school as Thatcher is accused of inflexibility in EEC Budget talks and the Nottingham Miners break Scargill’s Strike

A day off from Comart today and after despatching Daniel to school and eating breakfast; we let the decorator in and set off by car for Stevenage train station. Debbie appreciates the train ride to London, and this one in particular as it stops at almost every station. Eventually to Kings Cross and on by two changes of underground trains to Westminster. After a take-away lunch of rolls, coffee donuts and biscuit we hurry down to Westminster Wharf and catch a river boat to Greenwich, eating our food and drink on the way. It is a cold day but fine, and the boat is covered and slight sunshine keeps us reasonably warm. At the dock we see the Cutty Sark and I learn of its history and the story behind its name.

A good 2 hours in the town, looking at the gift shops and buying a toasting fork that is shaped to carry my new coat of arms. Back to Westminster Pier by boat and on the way it stopped at Tower Pier and we saw three naval vessels pass through Tower Bridge which was raised to allow them through. Home by the same route as we arrived and there to find the builders had covered and tiled the balcony and may well fit the ballistrade tomorrow. After Daniel completed his homework, we played with his borrowed Sinclair Spectrum and a game simulating an airline flight which was great fun! News today of the NUM miners dispute. It seems the Nottingham miners have returned to work and a massive police effort dissuaded Yorkshire and Kent miners from picketing. In Europe, Thatcher is accused of inflexibility during the EEC Budget talks. She is insisting that Britain’s contribution is reduced and spending curtailed and seems to have united all the European leaders against her for not being willing to compromise. A little late to bed after a long and active day.