Enjoying our new views after the building work on Boat Race Day, fathering an initially  troublesome but subsequently happy son before visiting my Mum and Dad in Stanton to find her much better after her hip operation whilst not forgetting my secretary June’s birthday!

I awoke to my morning tea and, through drawn curtains, see the riverside lands and river very clearly now that the French windows are installed and we are back in our own bedroom. The only part of the house alterations now incomplete is the balcony beyond which, though fully constructed of wood and drainage, is without its covering of felt and patio tiles and surround of balustrade. Such a wealth of birdlife comes to feed in these gardens; them being reasonably well timbered and at the margins of the houses, fields and river. I put up a ‘swallows’ nesting cup under the balcony eaves but no nesting by House Martins has yet begun in the other three boxes.

Up to my normal Sunday breakfast of fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, bread and tomato and then afterwards back to bed with the morning’s papers until 10.30am. Then to wash, dress and let out the ducks after which Daniel and I scraped the old straw and droppings from the hutch and left the hatches open to dry. Daniel was a reluctant helper and I confess that I had to hit him at one point when he was particularly difficult. All friends after and inside for a nice coffee. I phoned my parents and find Mum is well enough to see us and so, after a lunch of chicken, we only stay to see the Boat Race before setting off for Stanton. In the race Oxford had predictably won but set a new all-time record time for the Putney to Mortlake Tideway. Just two hours with Mum and Dad and she cheers up considerably at out attending. She is now hobbling around on two crutches and out of her wheel chair. Home to an evening of relaxation – Diana watches a film and I drop by the office to put June’s present on her desk – today is her birthday!