Most of the day decorating Harnser

Most of the day decorating Harnser, planning lingerie for Diana and getting to the bottom of what was quoted and agreed for the road maintenance. The evening prospecting for geese to shoot.

I had not got to bed until around 1.30am this morning and was not surprised to find that it was nearly 9.00am before I had woken up this morning. Very cold weather again after a clear night and so it was a struggle to get up, dressed and ready to do more. The fence being now down made the site look a bit scruffy and so I decided that the time was overdue for me to take the trailer and empty it at the civic tip. The journey was fine, and I stopped off in Wroxham on the way back for a kneeling stool, some more paint and a restful meal at the cheap restaurant where I got a meal for less than five pounds.

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Back to work this afternoon, sanding down yesterday's filling which was very hard going with all of the elbow grease and stretching and stooping. In for tea and then out again filling the remaining cracks ready to do more sanding tomorrow. I made several telephone calls today; one home to check on Diana's measurements and then others to get to the bottom of what was quoted and agreed for the road maintenance. Three calls later, and having spoken to Jim Holden and Trevor Gray, I think that I had sorted the problem out. It was cold and clear again tonight.

Before dusk, I took another walk in search of geese, this time getting to the downwind end of Hoveton Little Broad and seeing several skein of geese and a few flight of mallard within range if I had a gun. The trouble is that the spot is within 100 yards of the nearest house, and I am not sure who owns that land and what problems I would have in trespassing.