My computer help and agent Moira Biggins visits to print out our 'Thank You' letters today and Diana delivers them

All day struggling with my resumption of financial transactions and administration after my time away from it but pleased to hear my Radio Cambridgeshire interviews on the hour at breakfast time. An afternoon of visits to banks and my accountant and then more account reconciliation this evening after Moira Biggins had visited to print out ‘thank you’ letters to our supporters. The lorry drivers are now blockading Dover and Calais and Sealink offers to take back half of the sacked P&O strikers and the House of Lords is attacking Thatcher’s Poll Tax plans

Had a mixed night’s sleep with my side still hurting when I turned over. Was awake when Diana brought my morning tea in at 7.00am and I heard on both the 7.00am and 8.00am Radio Cambridgeshire news broadcasts the replay of my interview, which was quite good. First thing, I drove round and checked the flag boards that were left and then settled into my office to try sorting a range of outstanding paperwork out. There were bills to pay, received cheques to pay in, counterfoils to reference and tally and other matters. I made some progress, but my mind was lazy and out of tune with the task after a month and a half away from it.

Broke off for a while for lunch and to watch the lunchtime news and then continued on until I had a wad of paying in books and cheques to cope with and envelopes to post. Di had returned from her shopping trip by mid-afternoon and so it was time for me to set off and do my chores. The round included the Post Office, Bank, Building Society, Accountant etc and I came home in time for tea at 5.00pm. This evening, I carried on reconciling my bank and building society accounts and then my credit card statements, which took me all evening. Moira Biggins came round and set up the word processor to print out ‘thank you’ letters to all of our election helpers. We actually managed to print out all of the letters for our flag board site owners, which I will sign and get Diana to deliver tomorrow. The news in the ferry dispute today was of lorry drivers blockading the ports of Dover and Calais, due to the company’s priority allocation of reduced places to cars and coaches. Sealink has offered to take on half of the P&O strikers sacked for taking part in the dispute and the NUS are debating the offer. After Mitterrand has been re-elected President of France, Jacque Chirac is due to resign tomorrow and a socialist may be appointed Prime Minister in his place. The Poll Tax is under attack in the House of Lords now. The world’s stock exchanges are drifting downwards again, as the pound sterling climbs against the dollar.