Original Miami Vice props at Universal Studios

An early morning discussing the London Stock market turmoil with my stockbrokers on a key settlement day which sets the market tone for the new month and then off in the Oldsmobile to Universal Studios for a fun day with the family, with breakfast at Coco’s and dinner at Denny’s as our dollars start running out!

Another routine night, apart from an unexpected interruption at 9.30am from the hotel housekeeper, bringing a pile of new towels. Slept in a bit this morning and I had to wake most of the family at 5.30am. Debbie was already awake, with her tape recorder and headphones on and always shouts her conversation when interrupted thus! I was afraid she would wake Daniella. I tried to telephone Peter Ray of Barclays de Zoete Wedd, to discuss stock exchange developments, but he was in a meeting, so I chatted with a colleague. London had opened easier today, being settlement day for the key account that saw the fall. Here, a lot of last week’s Wall Street recovery was on takeover and speculative stocks and the company activity to purchase their own shares has tailed off, with those left in the market bidding prices below market levels. It’s all a bit nervous and unclear and today will be a key day for the sentiment for the new month of November. All in the Oldsmobile and off to Coco’s for breakfast. About $20 again for the combined family meal. Time to spend an hour at the hotel before we set off north up the Santa Anna freeway, via Los Angeles, for Universal Studios.

It was cloudy today, but it stayed dry. The cool day was fine for us, but must have been a disappointment to the sun seeking visitors to southern California. We encountered a few Monday morning traffic jams in the freeway, but got to Universal Studios car park a little after their opening at 10.00am. A good day, taking the tram tour of the studio premises, dismounting for special effects and techniques shows, and then finishing up at the entertainment centre for animal tricks, western stunts and audience participation in film making. A full day there, including lunch and drinks/ice cream breaks, until we left about 4.30pm. The drive home, with the freeway traffic a bit easier to cope with. We stopped off at a Denny’s restaurant for dinner for a change and were then safely back in the hotel for 6.30pm. The children straight to bed and Di and I joined them by 7.15. Our last full day tomorrow and our dollars are beginning to run out after all of our eating, activities and the many purchases that Di and the family have been making.