Conservative MP, Mr Harvey Proctor, the right wing homosexual member, has survived an attempt to oust him as their candidate for Billericay

Daniel giving boat trips on Little Lady to Diana and the girls and then to Gary Skinner, with whom he went through the lock to St Neots Marina for fuel as I dug a trench for laying 40m of power cable to the moorings and reported two motor cyclists for riding down the footpath and gave a statement. This as Oxford unexpectedly won the Boat Race (without their rebelling Americans) and Harvey Proctor survives a bid to oust him as MP and Thatcher and Kinnock return from their overseas adventures.

Slept well and the gales of yesterday had moderated overnight, so that there were only strong winds this morning, by the time we had woken up. Showered and dressed and then down to breakfast with the others. A boiled egg and toast fingers all round was the fare (except Diana). The eggs have now passed the ‘red’ phase and our new ‘candler’ checks for any irregularities as well. After breakfast, I read the paper and then went with Daniel into my office to phone Ely Yacht Chandlers to check on the new propeller, but it had not arrived yet.

Then Di and the girls came down to the ‘Little Lady’ for the first time and Daniel and I took them for a cruise up and down the river. Soon Gary Skinner was to arrive and Dan spent the rest of the day doing the same with him. Later in the morning, I took the girls by car to St Neots to do a little shopping. Di got some groceries and I bought 40 meters of power cable to wire up the riverside lawn power supply and a door viewer for Mrs Hazelton, who I must now contact. Home and soon it was lunchtime, with a meal of hamburgers and hot dogs. After, I went out to lay the cable in the trench and attend to the boat covers. Dan and Gary went through the lock and filled up with fuel at St Neots marina. An afternoon building the girls a new climbing frame from the ‘Quadro’ and also watching televised sport. Oxford had an unexpected win over Cambridge in the boat race, despite being without the imported 5 American rowers, who had left the team after a dispute. Next sport was a rugby league semi-final, until tea of more hot dogs. This evening, Di and I watched a video film that we had hired for the day – all about a divorced father and his children. We saw two motor cyclists on the Hayling footpath today, reported them to the police, and gave statements to a visiting officer later. The police were really not very keen to know, being more concerned with a Molesworth demonstration, but we insisted, as it is not the first time that youths have ridden down the footpath in this way. The news today is of the aftermath of Neil Kinnock’s visit to America and the start of Mrs Thatcher’s visit to the USSR. Conservative MP, Mr Harvey Proctor, the right wing homosexual member, has survived an attempt to oust him as their candidate for Billericay. The tragedy of the Lebanon continues, as 8 more people are killed by a car bomb.