News today that Debbie has passed Kimbolton Prep. entrance exam

Great news brought tear to Diana’s eyes as we hear that  Debbie has passed Kimbolton Prep. entrance exam and has a place and this encouraged me to phone the head about Daniel taking his ‘O’ level early before more revelations transcribing Gladys Hazelton’s interview before taking Debbie horse-riding and chasing Daniel’s Viking 17 boat delivery. Mum had her operation today. A political row I developing over Nuclear disarmament, Guinness Director Thomas Ward has taken a £5m payment, three Sicilian leaders of a Mafia drugs smuggling operation were convicted in the UK and a memorial service takes place on a tug circling the wreck of the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ and flowers are cast on to the sea

After a little discussion with Di about Daniel in bed, we got to sleep quite well, but Diana was up early this morning distributing the drinks. Like me, she was aware that today was the day we were due to hear from Kimbolton School about Debbie's exam result. First we had breakfast, but then the letter came – she had passed the exam and had been accepted! Poor Di actually wept at the news, glad that she had passed, but sad that she would be going! Then to my office to continue the task of transcribing my tape of the interview of Gladys Hazelton and was even more astonished by the contents than at the time. Later, I phoned Kimbolton and discussed Daniel's mathematics education with Mr Corner, his teacher. He will now discuss with the Head of Mathematics my request that Daniel take his ‘O’ level exam this year, with the first set.

Also heard from my Father. Mum had her hip operation today, came through it all right, is in intensive care, as anticipated, but should be back in the recovery ward tomorrow. She had been nervous before the operation and had taken great comfort from the visiting priest. I also chased the boatyard about Daniel's Viking 17 cruiser and found out that the lack of trailer will delay its delivery until next week, but this will still be acceptable for our purposes. Worked on this afternoon (after pie and vegetables for lunch) printing out the transcripts of my recent history interviews. Once Debbie was home, we had an early tea and I took her horse riding. She did well today on Barbie. Time with Daniel and his English homework tonight and Miss Hazelton phones with more information. The news this evening is of Neil Kinnock, the Labour leader, reading the riot act to his fellow MPs for public rowing over differences in nuclear defence policy. Today’s launch of the party’s policies on employment was overshadowed by newspaper reports of a row between Prescott and ex-Premier Callaghan. Opinion polls show Labour 7 points behind the Tories, with the Alliance now only 5 points further behind. The revelation that a Guinness Director had received a £5million payment. Thomas Ward, the American Director on the Guinness Board, seems to have received the money for his Distillers takeover services via a chain of nominee accounts. Francesco Di Carlo, Francesco Siracusa and Filippa Monteleone, three Sicilian leaders of a Mafia drugs smuggling operation were convicted in the UK today after a major crime investigation, which started with a detection of furniture at the Felixstowe port, its carved-out centre full of heroin. 26 relatives of the ferry victims took part in a memorial service on a tug circling the wreck of the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ and cast flowers on to the sea. Prince Charles visited Zeebrugge to meet rescue workers and survivors and offer the thanks of our nation to that countries people. Garret FitzGerald has resigned as leader of his party, now that Charles Haughey has been voted Prime Minister for the Republic of Ireland. 1 ½ million children missed lessons today, as 80,000 teachers walked out for the half day, but only Essex in this region has been affected so far.