Ken Baker gets his Education Bill through parliament and will now  force teachers into accepting his Curriculum

A late start after a very windy night and day that carried our dinghy across the lawn on its launching trolley and into the river whilst I sat in working on my scrap book and supervising the children’s work later. NATO (including Thatcher) welcomes the Soviet missile offer, Ken Baker gets Royal assent for his Education Bill and the NCB wants miners to work a six-day week! A massive earthquake in New Zealand, and callous murder of two 90-year-old sisters, beaten to death

Slept very soundly and was dead to the world when Di brought in the morning tea. It had been very windy in the night, but we did not seem to have suffered any damage. Washed, dressed and showered in time for breakfast, but Daniel was late this morning, after his exertions at the weekend. Went out to look at the doves and ducks, but they seemed to be alright and then read the paper and the morning post. It was full of computer journals, as they still insist on sending them, even though I have retired. Then I settled down to my desk in the office and started typing a range of outstanding letters to all and sundry. Soon time for lunch, as Di comes back from her shopping expedition and then she takes Della off to play with her friend Cary this afternoon and I carried on. Finished the letters and then prepared more pages for my new scrap book and mounted most of my photographs, until the children came home from school. Out to the ducks and doves. The weather was still wild and windy. Our Blue Peter sailing dinghy, kept on its launching trolley, was blown across the lawn into the river and Pete saved it. It was damaged by the experience, however.

This evening, I went through both Debbie and Daniel’s work. Dan had quite a lot to do and at least got through it. Debbie did well at her ‘hundreds/tens/units’ additions and subtractions, but she is not very keen on learning her tables. I also read a story to Della a couple of times today, as a help to Di. The news today is of the unanimous NATO welcome to the USSR nuclear arms offer, with even Thatcher seeming to welcome it. She has an eye to her forthcoming Moscow visit and its electoral implications so close to an election. Education Secretary, Kenneth Baker, got the Royal Assent to his new Education Bill today and he confirmed he will be using the new powers to impose a deal on the teachers unions. There could well be a lack of cooperation amongst the teachers, many of which lack the resources for the new GCSE curriculum. A massive earthquake has occurred in New Zealand. The Home Secretary has turned down moves to investigate the alleged ex-Nazis, when receiving a delegation of Jews at the Home Office. They say they will act if more evidence is obtained. A playground, full of school children, was attacked by a volley of C-S/type gas cylinders at Heathcote School in Chingford and 72 of them had to be treated in hospital for the effects of the gas. The British Coal Chairman, Sir Robert Haslam, has said that coal miners will have to work 6-day weeks to justify the investment in new pits, as he wants another 20% cut in costs and output per man from 3.5 to 5 tonnes as an increase. From an average of 12degC yesterday, today averaged 8degC and tomorrows temperature is forecast at 3degC!, as the weather gets steadily colder. At least the wind will drop during the night. Two 90 year old sisters have been beaten to death in a terribly violent double murder, with petty theft as the supposed motive.