Monday 2nd September 1985

Combining the day collecting neighbouring river plot owner Bill Clarke from Bedford and arranging the purchase of his plot, boat and shed to the delight of Daniel and friends and also planning the BMMG’s LAN meeting for Wednesday such that I was back working in the industry again after our recent time off. Thatcher shuffles her cabinet and Hurricane Helene hits New Orleans whilst rubber bullets and tear gas are used to break up South African rallies with one schoolchild again killed

A good night’s sleep and awake early with Diana, for once, still in bed. Made most of the opportunity and then settled to the morning paper, reading briskly as today was the day I had planned to get back to computer industry work. Down to breakfast made courtesy of Debbie (bread and milk shakes for all) and then to get washed and shaved at 9.00am as Daniel’s friends started to arrive. They are all overjoyed at the prospect of getting Bill’s 6HP outboard motor and official use of the day boat today and were assembling early to work on the boat to get it ready. Then to brief Pete the gardener about my mole exploits. He was cutting Bill’s grass today. To the office eventually, where I started to sort through my papers when I get a call from ICL with regard to the arrangements for their attendance at Wednesday’s BMMG LAN meeting. I then rang Owls Hall to update them on my recent mail and noticed that the ACT letter had in fact accepted an invitation to join the meeting. Hurried calls, therefore, to try to make the necessary arrangements and something of a panic.

Sunday 1st September 1985

Morning mole-chasing and then visiting the Bedford antiques centre before lunch with the family at the Little Chef and an afternoon visit from Mum and Dad with Jane Butterfield and John when we watched some videos. The news is of the Spike Island Irish prison riot being contained and of some slight agreement between Maxwell and the NGA but of deteriorating South African finance and missed debt repayments and this could yet be the tipping point

A good night’s sleep and awake to this week’s Investors Chronicle. Daniel hid the Sunday Times and it was the evening before we found it. Some time before a nice fried breakfast and then back up to read a wealth of news and background to current political and economic affairs. Then down and, Diana being in difficulty, I played with Daniella and pointed out a lot of pictures in her books. I then took her up to the bathroom whilst I washed, shaved and dressed until Diana whisked her away for her morning sleep. Out to the doves and ducks, who both fed well. Three eggs today. Then some little time chasing moles with another smoke canister laid, before off to Bedford for an antiques fair at the Bunyon centre.