Heathcote'e Fen and Mere, a fascinating account of fen drainage

Reading investment publications and then reading fine stories of fen drainage in Heathcote’s Fen and Mere and other Broads and Cambridgeshire villages before playing with the girls and supervising Daniel, watching a war film and retiring to bed on a frosty night as Kinnock berates Thatcher for ‘evil malice’ at a GCHQ rally

Awake fairly early as Daniel was due at school today and to my morning tea. I fill in time reading this week’s Investor’s Chronicle and Economist until The Financial Times arrived. Before and after a breakfast of toast and marmalade, I finish the paper and note that, with the sole exception of our Kode shares, all of our other 17-odd investments have appreciated well since purchase. Up, dressed and washed and then out to tend the birds. Both doves and ducks fed well, but only one duck egg today and the hutch filthy. The postman walks across to give me a letter on which 23 pence is payable for lack of stamp, and I collect the rest of the mail to read whilst having a morning coffee.

More journals, but little of interest. With the girls by car to St Neots and to do some shopping as Di takes Debbie to her Saturday morning ballet lesson. The morning had turned colder, with the wind turning from the North. I bought some shrimps, pigeon mix and a Motor Boat magazine, then met the girls by the car. Off briefly to the local farm where I pay the farmer’s wife 50p and load up a bale of straw, then back to St Neots to collect Daniel from Readwells. All together to The Happy Eater for a good lunch and then home. Daniel spends the afternoon at Paul’s house and has tea. I put the ducks away and come in to light the log fire before a fine tea of shrimps and ice cream to follow. After, to read my old books bought yesterday and fine stories of the draining of Whittlesey Fen and the early days of Broadland holidays as well as several interesting facts about the history of villages in Cambridgeshire. Time to play with Daniella and Deborah before making sure that Daniel is settled in bed before 9.00pm. The news, a war film and then to bed on a frosty night. News today of the death of Lord Harlech – the Film Censor, TV Head and ex US Ambassador – from road accident injuries. Also of Kinnock’s speech at the GCHQ Cheltenham Rally, accusing Thatcher of an ‘evil malice’ towards unionists.