Mum Grace Broad recovering from her heart operation

A cold day of computer industry and financial planning, before visiting my recovering mum, Grace, at Papworth as more miners return to work and Sterling falls and takes Gilts with it

Awake to an earlier call, tea and the paper. More snow has fallen outside and the temperature below freezing. A reasonable look at the paper and afterwards a shower and then dressed and over to the office by 9.15am. I had lost my action list, but spent time working through my papers and making up my personal accounts and then taking up one matter at a time and typing letters on my new stationery. A letter to the Bank Manager on charges, to David Fairbairn for a PITCOM Council nomination, and several others. Eventually to lunch having not heard from Mary Fagen of Electronics Weekly, but spoken to Sarah Underwood of Informatics. A nice meal of meat and two veg and apple pie with ice cream to follow before off to Papworth via St Neots. There I bought stamps and posted my letters, withdrew building society cash and paid it into the bank to balance my account, and then collected my shoes. They had completed a splendid repair and the brown shoes were as good as new. On to Papworth and some trouble finding Mum.

She had been moved again to a room on the ground floor of the surgical ward. This was an encouraging development and Mum continues to improve in condition. There are no longer any drips or feeds and she is eating and making her way to the toilet. She has lapsed into a 48/72 hour gloomy mood, however, which is to be expected. I leave Dad with her and feed and put away the ducks on my arrival. It is still snowing and freezing and they only laid two eggs this morning. A row with Di over making a cup of tea and so I stalked over to the office and made one there before typing a couple more letters. The last, a letter to Kode Chairman, Ted Randell, asking for a Directorship, I have left open overnight so as to allow Diana and I time to consider whether it is the best course. Dad is back in time to have a tea of rolls and fillings with us, but goes back on his own to Gordon Road to do some chores. A quiet evening with log fire and television playing with the baby and updating my journal. Freda phones and is pleased with Mum’s progress and needs the £7,000 for Stacey’s house completion, which is due on Friday. News tonight of a successful operation on Princess Margaret to remove part of her lung. The Shultz/Gromyko talks complete their first day to plan with no progress announcements. 1,200 miners return to work, but this is not a sufficient ‘surge’ to mean an end to the strike. In the city shares are at a record high, but interest rates are creeping up as the pound falls and takes gilts with it. This odd situation will end in tears.