Debbie is feeling poorly at this time

Day of potential property deals and garden maintenance as the IRA are ambushed in Ulster whilst their bomb explodes in the Paris M&S and the weather turns better with the end of snow and ice

A lay in for some time and the, after morning tea and breakfast, even longer until I only finished reading The Financial Times after 11.00am. Out to the doves, who were really desperate for seed, and already rooting in the mud for seed. Only two eggs from the Khaki Campbells today. Eventually ready to leave at 12.00am and we dropped by St Neots to post our letters and collect Daniel’s jacket from the cleaners before making for the Cambridge Little Chef. Debbie’s health had been a matter of concern today with a very bad cough, but she had seemed to perk up a bit before we left. At the Little Chef, however, she couldn’t stop coughing and so we had to cancel our planned trip to Cambridge and turn back home. We stopped off at Chris Curry’s estate at Croxton on the way back and saw three young men looking suspiciously like Estate Agents walking down the drive. Perhaps the recent Acorn disaster is forcing him to sell up! This morning our neighbour had come round and informed Diana that they had definitely put their house on the market at a price of £62,000, which we think is a little high.

I had also heard from the Fountain Forestry accountant with papers to register for VAT reclaims. This afternoon I took Daniel in hand and got him to help me on the riverside land, but his indignation soon melted and we cleared the plots of old wood, sawed it into logs, and tidied up the garage. A sad end to the ash tree and three silver birches, but they will make good fire wood. They were some 9/10 years old by their annular rings, but had died due to their shallow roots and competition from conifers in last summer’s drought. A much milder day, and brighter, making it quite pleasant to work outside. In later to a sit-round tea of prawns, bread and two jam tarts to follow. Then a rather difficult evening reading as we also watched a TV video of three Faulty Towers programmes, which had us in stitches. News tonight of an army ambush in Northern Ireland as several IRA men were killed and rocket launchers and rifles recovered. In Paris, a bomb exploded at Marks and Spencer. One man died and thirteen others were injured, including two British shoppers. The NCB have made a new cash offer to try to induce the miners back on Monday. It is all part of a government/NCB campaign with advertisements in tomorrow’s papers as Scargill accuses the two of refusing talks. Several more days of mild and dry weather forecast, which should see the end of the snow and ice and the collection of my boat.