Grove House Negotiations

Completing the Grove House purchase ready for the following day’s office move, Chairing the Byte Shop Review Meeting and then updating Kode accordingly as Diana becomes increasingly uncomfortable from loss of sleep and further stock exchange falls follow more attacks on Iranian oil installations

A poor night with sleep interrupted by the nettle burns from my slipway tumble yesterday. Nevertheless up on time, washed, dressed, and fed and to the office early for a meeting with Stephen Day to brief him on the group executives and their backgrounds. After to clear the mail, sign the Comart payroll and complete arrangements for the completion today of the purchase of Grove House. We are now the owners and had the power supply points and two emergency telephone lines installed today. The furniture arrives on Monday morning and The Byte Shop, Group Marketing and myself are to pack our things and leave this Friday evening.

A quick sandwich lunch and then a late start to the Byte Shop Review Meeting whilst trying to seal and complete the Grove House agreement. A tiring Byte Shop Review Meeting first welcoming the Byte Shop results for April and predictions to the year end in June. Unfortunately the Byte Shop budget draft was totally unrealistic and badly prepared and we had to quickly agree some plans to modify them to a reasonable outcome. Nevertheless some good decisions reached and we end with some fair idea of what both the Byte Shop and the group can achieve in the year to come. I stay late again with Stephen Day updating the forecast and budget predictions which are in line with our best expectations. I hear from Graham Clifton of Transam today who is concerned about the LAN proposals and I brief him as best I can and put him in touch with Nigel Smith. A late night trying to console Diana who is becoming very uncomfortable with her pregnancy and tired through lack of sleep. News today of further falls in stock exchange prices and of more attacks on Iranian Oil installations. Talks between the NUM and NCB have started politely but still against a background of mass picketing and policing.