Nearby village centre

Cold and drizzly day moored on The Lady in St Ives shopping, eating swimming and boat cleaning as seamen are reluctant to move tankers in The Gulf

Awake at 6.00m to a cold and drizzly morning and was eventually tempted out of bed in time for a breakfast of toast, butter, marmalade and tea. The rain continued as we donned our waterproof boating garb and wellington boots and trudged up to St Ivo swimming pool. Diana sat the visit out but the rest of us enjoyed a good swim between leisurely sessions of hot drinks and snacks in the bar. Back to the boat deciding to stay in St Ives for tomorrow’s market and Diana cooked us a fine lunch of sausages, peas and new potatoes with a jam pie and cream to follow, which I overeat. This active and open atmosphere gives you a strong appetite.

As the family rested, I walked over the town bridge and on to L H Jones Boatyard for a roped bucket and also to exchange an empty gas cylinder for a full one. Arriving back, I found the rain had stopped and then scrubbed down the cabin roofs to remove a winter’s grime. The kids went off to walk around the town and, finding the Kentuckian open, came back for Diana and money enough to buy us all a hamburger tea with chips. The rains return with a vengeance after as Daniel and I are filling up The Lady’s water tanks and another torrential downpour lasts for most of the evening but fades away later on. The river flow and depth has increased and we are concerned that the way will be passable on our return tomorrow. What a cold and wet holiday to start the season with! But we all enjoy the break and change anyway. News today of continuing tension in the Gulf over hostilities and of declining tanker movements as seamen are reluctant to take the risk of attack.