Daniel at Kimbolton School

More relaxing day of alternating time between calls to Peter Smith and Kode about the takeover, making preparations for the BMMG AGM, visiting Nigel  and spending time with the family

A more relaxed day, laying in bed both before and after driving Daniel to Kimbolton for his school trip. Time enough to read The Sunday Times from cover to cover and write up my journal. Breakfast of fried egg, bacon, mushrooms and bread, which was excellent, and then washed and dressed and out to let the ducks out. Only 10 eggs today. The remainder of the morning reading the opening chapters of Jill Hills’ book and I think I am going to find the material an interesting background to my IT affairs. Lunch with just the three of us and then off alone to the office to do some work. First I reviewed the BMMG file and summarised the council nominations, establishing that we might well achieve a full complement of 10 council members for the first time. Then I started to consider the task of appraising Kode and its advisers on the senior executive talent of The Comart Group. In the end I telephoned Peter Smith and had a longish conversation briefing him on the individuals attending tomorrow’s meeting.

John had already called with some fears and doubts about his future role and I had talked our way through most of them. Then to leave the office and drop in on Nigel Smith, deep in organising the subcontracting of his house extensions and alterations and builders everywhere. Over a whisky we discuss Tuesday’s BMMG Annual General Meeting and I brief him on the progress of events and his need to give a presentation on Local Area Network Collaboration. Home to a bread and honey tea with cakes and strawberries to follow and then outside to wash the car before Diana arrives back from collecting Daniel. He has spent a long day with a coach party from Kimbolton School visiting Alton Towers, a northern amusement park over three hours away. He had enjoyed a splendid time riding on corkscrews, black holes and lord knows what else and had arrived back satisfied and tired. Nevertheless, after his tea, I dragged him out to help finish off the duck house and we started to repair his bike. We tightened up and secured all manner of detached brackets and loose screws before raising the saddle and handlebars and starting to tackle the flat rear tyre. Unfortunately, with another call expected from Peter Smith at 8.30pm, there was no time to finish the job when first inspection could reveal no puncture. A further briefing with Peter, filling him in on the nature of the other executives and discussing further possibilities of organising the combined people strengths of the two groups. Then to a bedtime drink of Bournvita and to bed, tired from the week and weekends nervous exertions.