Managing Xitan and office acquisition and company disposal issues in equal share as Debbie still takes well to her school and the miners’s strike drags on

Me at workA little late up reading The Times and catching up on yesterday’s journal and after breakfast still further delayed before a rush to wash and dress and arrival at the office a minute or so late. I processed the mail and cleared a number of matters including our instructions to Ashurst’s in relation to the insolvency of Plume Computer Services Ltd. Soon Geoff Lynch arrived and we got down to business reviewing the revised mission for Xitan over the next three years. Then to discuss and agree the 1984/5 Personnel Plan before off to lunch with John Lamb to discuss the group reorganisation and marketing plans. I left Geoff with John for most of the afternoon and spent time talking to Richard James of Ashurst’s and getting legal advice. Also to Tony Diment of 3i and Peter Smith of Kode from which it seems I have to negotiate with Brammer to try to purchase the option or the shares. Derek Weatherby also advises me today that we should be able to obtain additional finance to purchase Grove House.

Then to meet Geoff again and agree the action necessary to complete the Xitan Plan and the respective roles of local and central marketing. Home to just catch Diana before she retires and to learn how well Debbie is taking to school. An evening watching a Variety Club televised dinner celebrating Henry Cooper’s 50th birthday for charity and listening to news of the continuing miners picket demonstrations and the conclusions of the All-Ireland Council which wants unification. A much cooler and cloudier day.