On a day of alternating rain and cold air, hosting a lunchtime celebratory drink for all Comart employees for a record month and hearing good news from Export IT as the train unions now back the NUM and will not allow the movement of coal by train

Up on time and, after drinking plenty of liquids and taking breakfast, early to the office in time to let in the employees who were waiting for access. A busy morning clearing my mail and in tray and finally to declare that the company would buy all employees a drink at The White Horse at lunchtime in view of our achievement of another record month. In fact sales will top over £800K for the first time.

This afternoon a meeting with the Plume Directors and to reveal to them very little hope of any direct financial support from Comart. The delay, however, has been long enough to reduce our exposure from over £20K to under £4K. Late afternoon finishing off my work and taking a nice phone call from Donald Cooke of Export IT before leaving fairly early to arrive home as Diana was getting in the ducks. The weather today alternating between a cold clear sky and torrential rain but all still very chilly for late March. News today of further strike developments – The NUR and ASLEF black the movement by train of all coal, but the Lancashire miners decide to return to work from Monday. Much fuss over the Queen’s recent visit to Jordan and complaints that her interest showed political concern favouring Arabs rather than Israelis. On time to bed after deciding to go for a Holiday Inn weekend in London.