Comart Company Board meeting with product issues to the fore as sales falter and then the payroll and to write my speech for tomorrow to the CRA

Early to the office and to clear the morning mail before the Comart Board meeting. On time to the meeting and a long day wrestling with the poor sales performance and doubtful marketing mix. Though well ahead year to date on profits this will be transformed for the worse in Nov/Dec before public sector contracts can work through. Recruitment vital in the development and service functions to improve the value of our offerings in both product and service terms. An end to the meeting before 5.00pm to sign the field payroll and home after a late evening clearing the day’s work.

There to console an ill Diana and make a few notes for my speech tomorrow to the Computer Retailers Association. I have had long conversations today with CRA officers Paul Rayner and Ian Dunkley and mutual assurances made with respect to the heading off of a trade association conflict. And then to bed