The Broad Family Video Collection
The Broad Family Video Collection

Broad Family Videos Spring 1985

I had been upgrading my video camera and techniques by the Spring of 1985 and so the first videos taken were of our family life at home, recording our riverside house in Little Paxton, our boat, 'The Lady', the children playing with their neighbourhood friends and Della finding her feet and admiring the doves and ducks in our riverside gardens. 

Debbie enjoys a fine party in early May  and we take time to enjoy a boat trip to St Ives at the end of the month.

Spring at Home, The Lady, the gardens and the girls (April 19th 1985) Video1

The Hayling View 19th April 1985                    The Lady 19th April 1985

Debbie & Amy Law 19th April 1985                Della and the Doves 19th April 1985

Debbie’s 6th Birthday Party (May 5th 1985)  Video2

Party Preparations 5th May 1985                     Guests and Presents 5th May 1985

Party Tea 5th May 1985                                     Party Games 5th May 1985

Dan, Debs and Della with Di on our Boat Trip to St Ives (May 24th to 29th 1985)  Video3

Previous Visit to Godmanchester                     Waits Quay 25th May 1985

Around St Ives 26th May 1985                          Rainy Day in St Ives 27th May 1985


St Ives to Huntingdon 28th May 1985             Huntingdon Riverside Park and home 29th May 1985