Rainbow over my Ropes Hill Dyke moorings
Rainbow over my Ropes Hill Dyke moorings

Another full working day clearing weeds, applying weedkiller before varnishing and teak-oiling the boat accessories and chatting to Doris and Jack before taking the newly-refurbished trailer to empty it at the rubbish tip.

Some paving slabs laid to secure the dog enclosure and a relaxing bath before late to bed.

The weather stayed mild and was dry for the day so that I could get on. I heard from Diana who told me that yesterday was wet all day in Paxton so that at least I was in the right place. I was awake at 6.30am and then up before the dog awoke for once. I kept his walk to a manageable length and then got down to work, weeding the side passage and then applying the Sodium Chlorate weedkiller in strong solution to stop regrowth again for a while.

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I was hungry but had to wait as it was necessary to strip down the steps from the boarding ladder and prepare them for varnishing and then to get the first coat on these and the second on the rubbing rail to start them drying whilst I ate lunch. Not much of a rest but soon out again this time varnishing the oars as well as applying a second coat. Then time to hook up the trailer so as to take it for emptying. Some time chatting to Doris and Jack and then off with it to the rubbish tip.

The trailer works quite well after its restoration but it still has a tendency for the tail-board catches to spring up which is a bit disconcerting unless they are tied down with "bungie clips". Back via Wroxham library to return the girls' books and then another walk and meal for Sam who is responding quite well to training at the moment. No rest and meal for me as I had to work on until dark using all the available hours of daylight to get things ready to leave tomorrow.

I also applied two coats of teak oil to the bathing platform, got the second coat of varnish on the oars and third on the ladder steps and then used all of the available paving slabs to seal the perimeter of the inner dog enclosure from any attempt from Sam to dig himself out. Only then in to make my meal, do a day's washing up and watch some TV after having a relaxing bath. To bed at 11.30am again after updating today’s journal thinking of the many things that I have to do in the next few days.