1985 Mexican Earthquake

More work on my Hayling View plan and then time with Bill Clark completing our purchase of his plot and hearing more of Little Paxton’s history as thousands are feared dead in a Richter Scale 8 Mexican earthquake that hit today

Awake a little early, but unable to persuade Diana to get up to make the morning drinks until her usual time. Then the morning paper and breakfast until the family had left. Quickly washed, showered and dressed and then out to the doves, who feed hungrily. Then to the ducks, but only 2 eggs, which is a disappointment. Then to the office where I clear up the papers from yesterday’s efforts and pass over the numerous envelopes to Diana to post. Morning coffee and I help Pete assemble my new hose reel, which is a right monkey puzzle! Later this morning I start the task of mapping out the part of ‘The Hayling View’ plan that shows the back garden and need to go outside a few times to check some measurements. Although the day started cloudy with misty rain in the air, it became quite sunny and warm later on, although the barometer was dropping rapidly.

Back to the house for lunch of rolls and butter and ice cream to follow and also time this morning with Daniella as she likes to walk around the garden with me until it’s time to sleep. This afternoon I ploughed on with my creation and had completed much of it before tea. Tea of sausages, carrots and potatoes and pleased to see that the children ate most of it. Today I called Bill Clark to make arrangements to drop in on him tomorrow as I had received the amended conveyance from Vinters today. Bill tells me of the original Little Paxton village, which was full of old cottages, all of which had been demolished or modernised since. It seems that St James’ Cottage (lately occupied by Chris Curry’s mother) was formed by knocking two cottages into one. Also the North Lodge used to be a pleasant place to walk with the old owner keeping a range of budgerigars and canaries, which sang prettily. After tea, I worked for most of the evening and finished most of the pen and ink drawing in the end. Time also with Daniel as I ran through his school work with him and get him to do much more as I was very disappointed with his efforts. I think he did a reasonable job in the end, though had lost one fountain pen and broken the other, which makes me despair! I fed and put away the ducks and then came in to my journal and the TV. First, Alex Clifton-Taylor on the town of Devises then. News tonight of a terrible earthquake in Mexico with Mexico City a third in ruins with 1000+ dead. There is no communications with the worst hit part of the country with Acapulco’s high rise buildings undoubtedly devastated. More tremors and tidal waves are expected. In France, more revelations about the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior seem to provide convincing proof that the French agents did sink her. A French ‘Watergate’ is heralded as the establishment has lied in denying involvement. Two South London girls have been kidnapped and killed in the latest child molestations