President Miquel de la Madrid's welcome speech  drowned out by booing

Taking advantage of the warm swimming pool on a misty and damp day and successfully bidding for items at Peacocks Auction in Bedford later before an evening watching the opening football match of the World Cup football in Mexico where the President words were drowned out by booing


I had stayed up late last night and it showed this morning. With this (and the higher house temperatures, now that Di has put on the heating) I had a fraction of my normal sleep. Down to breakfast in my pyjamas and then after, I shaved and took a swim in the pool. Air temp 55degF and the water 81degF! It certainly freshened me up, but I still have a sore back that I picked up moving some salt sacks yesterday. Then a warm shower, dressed and out to the doves. A dull, misty and damp morning and the rain increased during the day to a drizzle and then a downpour by dusk.

The poor doves were fairly bedraggled, but at least they have learnt to fly in that condition, after their initial failures. Soon the ducks (8 eggs) and then I locked and secured the house and set off with the girls to Bedford again. Arrived in fair time, had coffee at the auction rooms, and then bid successfully for the small oak table and beech high chair. Loaded up and then together to St Neots to meet Daniel from the school bus and get some wood preservative. Off to the Happy Eater for our normal Saturday lunch, but Della was a bit restless. Home and the afternoon treating the new items with woodworm. Gary came round to join Dan and Debbie swimming and the rain did not put them off. This evening, after a tea of rather poor cockles, I watched the first World Cup match, when Italy were held to a 1-1 draw by Bulgaria. Dan and Di huddled round the small TV in the ironing room to avoid what is the first of a series of evening matches to come. I had no time for Debbie’s story (again) and had to tend the ducks and doves at half time. I hope that my back is better tomorrow. The news featured the World Cup’s first match, but particularly the reaction of the crowd to the Mexican President Miquel de la Madrid’s speeches, when they whistled in protest at the authoritarian promotion of the football in the wake of the earthquake poverty. South African conflict again, as the white right-wingers massed to protest against the government in a pseudo-religious gathering and also violence ensued in Soweto between radical blacks and pro-government sympathisers. The Hippy convoy is on the move still, but separated into smaller groups by police. Reagan has appealed to the Senate to approve the UK extradition treaty, but it is uncertain if it can get the support needed.