Bob Geldorf trying in vein to get UN support to fight starvation in Africa

The family are beginning to enjoy our new pool as the temperature rises to 79degF but only after Daniel completed his schoolwork and Debbie her riding lesson as Kenneth baker resists calls to delay the GCSE introduction, Bob Geldorf and others lobby the UN for African help and a Yeovil farmer expels a Hippy colony from his land!


Slept well and woke to my morning tea from a sound and deep sleep. As I had a bath late yesterday, I settled for a wash and shave this morning. Daniel presented his assessments from school, which were poor and so I lectured him as usual. Out to Bill’s shed, where I spent this morning and most of this afternoon installing the wiring for two ceiling lights. Today the carpenter arrived to adjust the door hooks and weatherboards and the builder attended to the leak and tile damage in the shower room. A cold north-westerly breeze continued today, but the pool boiler raised its temperature to 79degF by evening. Before the children could swim, I had to check Daniel’s schoolwork, then rush off to Offord with Debbie for her latest riding lesson.

I was a few minutes late and Deb had to ride Barbie, rather than Emma, which did not please her. Then home to tea, after which I checked Daniel’s schoolwork and then let the children swim in the pool. Outside temperatures of 58degF and cool rain did not put off Daniel and Deborah and then Daniella insisted on joining them and stayed in quite a while, and would have returned if not put to bed. Then the chore of locking up and securing the premises before TV. News today is of the TCCB deciding on a suspension for Ian Botham until August of this year for both test and county cricket. It is less than the worst sentence that he could have expected. Kenneth Baker seems set on declining the latest call by the Head Teachers Association for a year’s delay for the new GCSE examination. There will be a fight over this and for more money. The Somerset, Yeovil, farmer, Leslie Atwell, has won a High Court action and has an injunction to remove a tribe of Hippies from his land. Calls for a change in the trespass laws have been rejected as too draconian. The United Nations have heard calls for action on African starvation in a debate today, as Bob Geldof and his supporters lobby the delegates outside. The England Team Doctor in Mexico, Dr Edwards, has been taken ill with a heart attack and a replacement is being sent to relieve him. Tomorrow’s weather is promised to be warmer and our pool temperature should be over 80degF.