Nigel Mansell wins Belgian Grand Prix in Williams FW11 Honda

Very enjoyable day moored in St Ives, appreciating the boat heating, swimming in the St Ivo pool, shopping at LH Jones and then sailing on the Blue Peter, as two jets collide at the Mildenhall air show, many people are rescued from a London flats blaze and Nigel Mansell wins the Belgian Grand Prix

I sleep whilst Di puts on the heating and gets the morning tea. A nice start to the day with the boat cabin so warm! Our normal routine and I just get out of the bathroom in time before a nice toast breakfast. The boys join us to warm up and drink a hot chocolate and then I start The Lady’s engine up and recharge the batteries/heat up the hot water supply. Di washes up and I get and start reading the Observer newspaper. Everyone off to St Ivo swimming pool and, whilst I was a bit weak and shivery to start with, I enjoyed the exercise – wrestling and ducking the boys until they were weak instead!

A long rest in the catering area, reading more of my paper and then the walk back to The Lady. Onward to a café, where we all had tomato soup and crusty bread and some cakes after. I tried a pot of Darjeeling tea, which was very tasty. This afternoon we walked over to L H Jones to get a nice new sleeping bag (Daniel keeps falling out of his) and some other accessories. Then, back in the outboard motor dinghies, courtesy of Dan & Steve. Then Steve polished the sides of The Lady for £5, whilst I fitted an adjustable vent to the heating system, then we all went sailing tonight in the Blue Peter and enjoyed the experience. News today was of the Sport Aid, Bob Geldof fun run, with many cities across the world running in aid of the drought stricken African families. Also, at the Mildenhall Air Show, two historic jets – a Meteor and a Vampire – collide in mid-air, killing the crew of the Meteor in a breath-taking tragedy. Thatcher continues her historic visit of Israel. Another man dies of gunshot wounds in Country Tyrone in Northern Ireland, but they daren’t move it for fear of an explosive booby-trap. 9 children and 9 adults were rescued from a block of London flats ablaze with fire today. Nigel Mansell wins the Belgian Grand Prix, to put him in 3rd place in the world championship (drivers) at the moment. The barometer has stayed up reasonably well tonight at 1026.5mb and we do not seem to have got the showers they were promising. We hope it stays fine for the Bank Holiday market tomorrow, but I have the St Ivo Antiques Fair as a backup.