Horfield one scene of the worst ever night of prison violence

Beautiful bright and sunny day re-positioning and re-erecting the shed and then flooring it with vinyl with Norma visiting and the workmen finishing off the pool area and fitting carpets as news emerges of the mayhem and worst ever night of prison violence that resulted from the prison officers’ strike and evacuated radio-active victims of the Chernobyl nuclear leak start arriving in the UK

I felt hot again last night, but eventually got to sleep after shedding my pajama jacket. Up on an already bright and sunny day and down in good time for breakfast. More Jordan’s crunchy cereal, but Daniel & Debbie had to wait, as I sent them back up to tidy their bedrooms. Out at 8.00am to get Pete’s help with my workshop construction. Unhappily, he was unwell and had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, but I still got him to trim back the hedge and help me carry the shed sections to the vicinity of their new positions. I went inside to make some phone calls and then nipped into St Neots Co-operative shop to buy some vinyl for the workshop floor.

Any type or off-cuts would have been sufficient, but I had to get some high quality stuff for over £70. Still, once back, I fitted it and it is a great improvement on before. Then, with Di’s help, I managed to put the side sections in place, but we broke off for lunch. Di’s Mother had come over, but her Father did not bother and we had a pleasant salad lunch to the dual sounds of the landscapers paving and the carpet company tamping the new carpets into place. Pity we could not eat outside, as it was pleasantly sunny, but the farmer had been spraying the meadow up wind and so perhaps it was just as well. All afternoon and evening on the workshop and so, by dark, I had the roof on and secured and 2 of the 4 roofing felt strips in position. I could not finish the job, as it was dark at 9.00pm and Daniel had to do his homework and so it will be tomorrow afternoon now, before I can do that. After clearing up my things, I watched the TV news and the latest disaster updates. News tonight of the aftermath of the prison unrest, with the Home Secretary ordering an enquiry and meeting prison officers. He said it was a miracle that no serious injuries took place in the worst ever night of prison violence. A total of 18 prisons were affected, 44 prisoners escaped (though half have been recaptured) and no figure has been put on the damage costs. Over half of the buildings of Northeye prison in Bexley were destroyed by fire and is unlikely to be used as an open prison again. 100 British students evacuated from Kiev and Minsk in Russia were scanned for radiation at Heathrow airport and two had high thyroid levels – but not serious. Britons from Poland are arriving back tomorrow. The estate of the late Duchess of Windsor will be given to the Pasteur Institute and other French universities. 800 jobs are lost in Northern Ireland as the Rothman’s cigarette factory is closed down, due to decreasing demand. In South Africa, more than a million blacks stopped work in the biggest strike in the country’s history. After today’s beautiful weather, tomorrow is forecast to be the same.