Frank Williams recognised for his F1 achievements

New Years Eve – Starting the day with Di and Della and then continued compiling and printing out my massive Excel summary of my investments and income to send to my financial advisers for comments and advice. Stayed up with Daniel to see the New year in and hear of the Honours list, full of Thatcher’s cronies and henchmen but pleased to see Frank Williams recognised for his F1 achievements.

Awoke first again this morning and, this time, caught Di before she could creep off and make the morning drinks. After we made love, I sat up in bed and read the Hunts Post from yesterday and then took a shower, shaved and dressed. Della came toddling in during my preparations and I chatted to her for a little while and sent her to find her Mum. I showered with here there, having to keep chatting to her for fear that she would draw back the shower curtain and let the carpet get wet. Breakfast with the family of wheat flakes. I have lost a couple of pounds after the Christmas excesses, but still have a way to go. To the office after breakfast, and started to input the new information to update the Investment and Income Summaries. But first read the rest of the local newspapers and today’s mail before setting to the task.

No morning coffee, as the milkman did not arrive until later for some unknown reason. By lunch, I had updated half of the document and was glad of the rest from it. A cooked meal with the family and then back to work for the entire afternoon. Went out at dusk to feed the ducks and doves, but the ducks were fully-fed already by the match fishermen opposite, who had packed up for the day and discarded their spare bait. Tea of omelette and then some stilton cheese on digestive biscuits, which the children eagerly shared with me. This evening, I printed out the rest of the massive document and then composed a three-page letter analysing the financial plans of us, as parents, the children and the children’s trusts. Was late evening by the time I had printed out the letter to the stockbrokers, and copies for my trust solicitor and accountant trustees. Daniel wanted to stay up late to see the New Year in and so I agreed to let him and stay up with him. At least I could get my journal updated whilst waiting. Chatted to Di for a while about the year past and then she went to bed and Daniel and I settled down in front of the TV. Accidents dominate tonight’s news, as first, two climbers are missing on the Glencoe hills of the Scottish Highlands after an avalanche, and then, a woman was killed near Stoke-on-Trent when a lorry ploughed into a sub post office. The Sub-postmaster was awarded a British Empire Medal in the New Years honours list, which is a strange quirk of fate. The rest of the New Years Honours comprised the normal range of political henchmen, favoured industrialists etc, but it was good to see the crippled Frank Williams being recognised for his efforts in Grand Prix motor car construction. Reagan broadcasts alone via the USA external service and Gorbachev still sends greetings to the American people in an interview with the US television networks. Ian Botham leaves Somerset today to join Worcestershire tomorrow. 50 people die in a ‘luxury’ hotel fire in Puerto Rico. The 20 story hotel was rocked by explosions as an industrial strike was in progress.