Diana and I in 1986

Wedding Anniversary – A walk across the meadows, a nice lunch and some final touches to my Little Paxton map as depressed spouses seem to be more numerous this Christmas.

A much better night, sleeping soundly and even then reluctant to wake up at 8.00am when Di brought me my morning tea. Laid there and listened to the radio for a while and then struggled into the shower. Was the last to the breakfast table, but still in time for a fried breakfast – I had forgotten that it was a Sunday. Read the Observer cover to cover and then, after coffee, went out to feed the birds and get the tool kit inside. A milder day than of late, so I took a walk across to the meadow opposite and checked the field marks, which are less obvious when you are closer.

Back before lunch. We did not bother to lay up the dining room, as we had had a good meal there on Christmas day. The children were recovered this morning, which was a relief, as we would have to have taken Gary back home this morning otherwise. A nice lunch and then watched TV this afternoon and evening and finished reading my book on manorial records at the same time. Also managed to fix the house fire alarm system, which had been triggering falsely – a push-button had a faulty contact. I also added a few more details and corrections to my Little Paxton 1790/1814 enclosure map and took the details to order a ‘clip-frame’ cover to protect & hang it. The news today is of the progress in coping with the aftermath of the recent violence. In a new incident, a man killed himself after failing to kill his ex-wife, children and her boyfriend. The other murder and kidnap enquiries continue. I think that the hiatus of the Christmas season depresses many people with domestic troubles and unhappiness. The Israeli nuclear technician has pleaded not guilty, but the rest of the trial details are suppressed by censorship. England easily beat the Australians test cricket team by an innings, to take a 2-0 lead in the series and so retain the Ashes for England.