A little time protecting The Lady this afternoon

Out to saw logs on a very windy day and the afternoon at my desk working again after taking Debbie horse-riding and winterising The Lady as The Reagan supporters attempt to redeem the situation with Lt Col North is refusing to answer questions over Iran and in the UK, an Alliance bid to get a Privy-Councillor Select Committee to overview the security services was voted down by the government

A rather more dignified awakening this morning and everyone down to breakfast on time. Had to chase Daniel again to get his room straight afterwards. Read the paper and then opted to go outside and do some of the exterior chores, as the weather was mild. In fact, it was also very windy and gusting to near gale force. Once Pete arrived, I got us started on sawing up the logs. Although Nigel has been very good about it, he must need his chain saw back soon and so I thought we would get the work done now. Took most of the morning, but it was a good job well done; must be almost a seasons logs there. Rested half way through and to read the mail, and then finished just before lunchtime. Another salad to eat and ice cream after and I spent the afternoon in a more relaxing way; updating some paperwork and clearing my desk. I had received the Extract of Title on the Linton Lordships and had spotted a number of points to discuss with Fraser Paskell. Also had an acknowledgement from St John’s College of my latest offer for Little Paxton Lordships and they are to consider it. Went out this afternoon to feed the ducks and doves and put them away and the wind was so strong that it blew the doves feeding tray off of the table. Also worked on The Lady, tipping out the ‘reservoir’ of rainwater from the rear cover and draining the engine to protect it from winter freezing.

An early tea at 4.00pm, so that I could take Debbie for her horse riding. She has now settled well into her one-hour lesson, this week on Emma, and only needs to canter alone to get up to scratch. Did some more reading tonight, but Debbie seemed to forget it was her turn for a Country Companion. Daniel did some more studying. The news today is of the US Vice-President, Bush, speaking out for the first time as he leads an initiative to try to justify Reagan’s policy. Nancy Reagan was also out on the PR trail to try to help their image. The special investigation has started, but Lt Col North is refusing to answer questions to avoid self-incrimination. In the House of Commons, an Alliance bid to get a Privy-Councillor Select Committee to overview the security services was voted down by the government. Today’s debate was unsatisfactory, as the government are still refusing to discuss the MI5/6 security leaks. Kinnock was also in the US, arguing his case for nuclear disarmament, but not winning much support for the cause. Environment Secretary, Nicholas Ridley, has won more funds to reinstate the Shire counties rate support grants, but this might mean less money for the inner cities as his predecessor, Kenneth Baker, had secured the benefits to assist the inner city urban decay. Two IRA men are successfully extradited from Holland to Northern Ireland, after they had once escaped from the Maze. Fewer people than expected applied for British Gas, after the price had been set quite high. The second test match ended in a draw, but Chris Broad (not known as a relation but I think that we might share a great-grandfather) was named man of the match.